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Final Thoughts

The Garena Fire Free Mod APK is a satisfying adventurous game which is available for both PC and android users. Users can also get it from Google Play for absolutely free. It is the best game among other fighter games, which contains all the exciting battles and tons of free features to enjoy. Every gamer must give it a try for the best gaming experience.

free fire mod apk

If you are a fan of warfare and love to play adventurous games, this Garena Fire Mod APK is a perfect option. It is the best shooting game ever, which allows a whole battle of 50 fighters altogether from different regions to play and show their skills. This game is, no doubt contains a fierce playground for unlimited fighting fun. The best part of this game is that users can become pro in it within a short time. There are a lot of helicopters, guns, and weapons provided to the players to enjoy full horrific war experience.

Garena Free Fire Mod APK

Today we are going to talk about the amazing game which is called Gerenas Free fire Mod APK. This particular game is close to pubg. It is true that the makers of this game have inspired greatly from pubg but to be honest this game is much more better than pubg. It is adventurous, brave and full of fun. It promises great visuals, greater aesthetics and an overall great experience for all the users.

This game is available on all the Android phones and one can easily download it by accessing Google Play Store. One can realize the importance of this amazing game by considering the fact that it has already been downloaded by million of people.

This game is considered even better than PubG, as this game is also available in auk mod. Unlike PubG, this game helps players become pro more straightforward and fast. After PubG, this new game is highly becoming evident for gamers to download and play. This game is developed by 111studio, which is also available on Google Play for free. The android players can also enjoy this game after downloading it in the mod apk form. The graphics of this game are beautiful and bright to attract gamers and make them feel like being in a real war zone.

Talking about Free Fire MOD

The free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds of Gerenas game promises great quality. For all those who want to enjoy the best version of this game should download it. If you want to download this amazing game in free fire APK Mod then for that you need to follow this simple steps.

  • First and foremost install free fire Mod APK.
  • Go to com.dts.freefireth in android/obb  and duplicate the organizer.
  •  Enjoy your game.

Garena Free Fire Features

  • This game offers a 15 minutes long battle with 50 different players. The one who lasts longer will be ranked higher.
  • It is a great survival shooting game that allows players to loot enemies and collect all their weapons after killing them.
  • Easy controls and highly enhanced graphics are best in their way.
  • Just like PubG, the players can make a group of 4 fight together with the enemies. They can also connect using the voice chat feature built inside the game.
  • Airdrops coming from the sky will help you to collect extra stuff, which will eventually help you in battle. These airdrops will also help the enemies, so beware.
  • The perfect interface of this game is designed so that users can avail of all the features during the fight without any trouble.
  • This game is not just related to the battles and land fights, and it also includes air wars and strikes.
  • The powerful weapons, helicopters, and everything needed to fight with is available within the game.
  • The snipers such as Kar98k, AWM, Scar Light, M4A1, M16A4, and many more exclusive games are added into the interface for selection.
  • The armors, helmets, and ammo sets provide additional safety. Moreover, the other jeeps, automobiles, and bikes are also given in the apk version of this game for better war experience.
  • The players of this game get an unlimited amount of coins and diamonds with the apk version of this game.
  • Moreover, this version has an anti-ban feature.
  • All devices support it, can be installed quickly, and players will get free Garena shells inside the game.
  • The players can choose any character to play. Also, there is no fire, grass, or fog in this version.

This new and updated version of Gerenas offer great productivity to all the users. Today we are going to talk about the new features of this amazing game and we are sure that after hearing this you would like to install this amazing game right away.


Those who have played the Gerenas game before are aware of the fact that initially this game had 30 players. Those 30 players were stranded on a remote Island. To win one had to surpass the other 29 players. free fire Mod APK offer 50 players to the users. To win this amazing game it is imperative for user to survive different obstacles and even personal attacks from the other 49 players.


One cannot enjoy a game completely if it didn’t  present itself in high quality graphic. Gerenas free fire Mod APK has high quality graphics. It has beautiful HD details. Users may feel as if they are in the real scenario, playing with real people..


Gerenas free fire Mod APK offers a lot of customization to the users. Now users can have different characters and Guns skins in different numbers. For all those who like having a lot of fire passes, bag skins, skateboards and emotes should definitely go for free fire Mod APK.

3D experience

Who doesn’t like having a 3D experience while playing a game. Gerenas free fire Mod APK offers a wonderful and detailed 3D designs. Playing this game in free fire Mod APK means having an ideal experience. Users will have 3D experience with weapons, maps, characters, battle impacts and much more. The amazing light Technology has made sure that it gives the island a real touch.

How To Install

  • Download the Free Fire Mod APK file.
  • Then download the OBB file.
  • Install the apk file on the mobile phone.
  • Now turn on the unknown sources from the settings of the phone.
  • Extract the OBB file.
  • Paste extracted files in the Android folder.
  • The game has all the features for free now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this version safe to install?

Yes, this apk mod of the Garena game is safe to install. It does not let security threats enter into the system.

Does it contain free coins, diamonds, and weapons?

Yes, this version provides the players unlimited coins and diamonds. They also get a variety of weapons and characters.

How many players are allowed to play together?

About 50 players can play together; a group of 4 friends can also make a group to play along.

How long does the fight continue?

The war session is 15 minutes long, and the one which lasts until the end gets a higher rank.

What’s more in Gerenas Free fire mod apk?

Now we’re going to talk about different new highlights of free fire Mod APK.

  • In this game users will have an experience of getting into a new territory in Bermuda which is called bullseye.
  • Users can enjoy a new weapon in free fire Mod APK which is called CG15. This amazing weapon can deal with a lot of things.
  • Users will have a chance of enjoying another new territory beaming with high-level supplies.
  • The updated version of Gerenas offer the users with group parachuting. This means that players will be able to Parachute together.
  • free fire Mod APK has a new character named Laura.
  • People who have an Arabic origin can rejoice because in the language section the makers of Gerenas have included Arabic language.
  • The Guild system in Gerenas free fire Mod APK is upgraded.
  • Number of players have been changed from 30 to 50.

For all those who want to experience high quality graphics and 3D experience should definitely go for Gerenas free fire Mod APK. This new and updated version of this game has all what a person can desire in an action game. It is high time that you go to your Play Store and download this game right away.

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk File Information:

APP NAME:Garena Free Fire
File Name:com.dts.freefireth
Total Size:452.1M
Latest Version:V1.46.0
Minimum Android Version Required:Android 4.0.3+
Updated On:February 21, 2020


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