3 Cool Smartwatches Shown at MWC 2023


Every year, tech companies come together at MWC to showcase their latest devices. Being a mobile-centric event, we see new mobile devices and related accessories, and as expected, several smartwatches were showcased at the 2023 event.

Even though they weren’t many, the few that were on show are worth taking a closer look at.

1. Huawei Watch Buds

If you’ve owned a pair of earbuds before, you’ll understand the frustrations of losing them or forgetting them when you head out. Huawei aims to solve that problem with the Huawei Watch Buds, which doubles as a smartwatch and as a store for your earbuds. We love the idea, and it is no surprise that this watch made it into our roundup of the best tech at MWC 2023.

Huawei Watch Buds smartwatch in two colors
Image Credit: Huawei

The earbuds’ container is placed under the watch’s stylish 1.43-inch 466p AMOLED display, which acts as a pop-up cover. Away from the exciting earbuds store, there’s nothing particularly special about the Watch Buds, but what it does, it does well.

The Watch Buds includes basic smartwatch sensors, including acceleration, gyroscope, and optical heart rate sensors. On the downside, the battery only lasts a maximum of three days.

2. Huawei GT Cyber

Continuing with its unconventional approach, Huawei showcased another smartwatch called the GT Cyber. On the GT Cyber, Huawei made it easy to replace the watch body, strap, and crown by making these components modular.

The approach is perfect, allowing you to switch the watch case, straps, watch body, and watch face to match your style for the day.

Huawei GT Cyber smartwatch
Image Credit: Huawei

The watch itself is circular with a 1.32-inch 466p AMOLED display. It has various sensors for tracking, including a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer, and more.

Battery life maxes out at seven days and is 5 ATM rated, meaning it can safely survive when immersed in up to 164ft underwater for up to 10 minutes. It ships in two variants: a Golden Black Urban Edition and a Sport Edition (in Midnight Black or Space Gray).

3. Xiaomi S1 Pro

Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi S1 Pro at MWC 2023 after its initial debut in China in 2022. The S1 Pro sports premium looks, with a classic mechanical wristwatch-inspired design featuring a 1.47-inch 480p AMOLED display with 600 nits peak brightness.

It has a rotating digital crown on the right and ships in two options: a silver case with a leather strap or a black case with a rubber strap.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro In-Person, worn on wrist

The S1 Pro can track your heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, stress, and sleep. For the sporty types among you, it has a built-in GPS, supports over 100 fitness modes, and is 5 ATM rated. Under the hood, it runs MIUI Watch OS and promises up to two weeks of battery life from a 500mAh battery.

Huawei Shines at MWC With Two New Smartwatches

With just a handful of smartwatches showcased at MWC 2023, Huawei takes the prize thanks to its two smartwatches. At the top is the Huawei Watch Buds, followed by the Huawei GT Cyber.


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