3 Reasons Why Apple’s New HomePod Isn’t What People Were Expecting


After discontinuing the original HomePod, Apple’s second-generation model still leaves a little to be desired.

Apple announced the first HomePod during the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference. A smart speaker that promised high-fidelity sound and that was to be launched to the market in 2018. Its initial price was $349, although shortly after Apple decided to lower it to $299.

The main reason for this decision was its low sales. Ultimately, in 2021 Apple decided to stop selling it.

Now, Apple has released a new HomePod, and many users say it is not what they expected. Let’s discuss the three primary reasons why this new HomePod hasn’t met people’s expectations.

1. It Has Fewer Tweeters and Microphones

Close-up shot white HomePod on a white table

The first-gen HomePod had seven tweeters and six microphones. In contrast, the new HomePod only includes five tweeters and four microphones. That doesn’t mean it’ll perform worse than its predecessor, but it does give us an idea of what to expect from this device.

Our review of the first-gen HomePod found that it had a fantastic sound. So, while you shouldn’t be too worried about the audio quality, considering five years have passed since then, some users expected more from the second generation.

2. The Design Hasn’t Changed

Hand holding an iPhone next to Apple HomePod
Image Credit: Apple

The new HomePod looks virtually the same as its predecessor. There is a minimal visual change, but it is almost unnoticeable. This design is five years old, and users tend to prefer visual changes between models. Obviously, this doesn’t affect the quality of the product at all, but the same old look isn’t what users were expecting.

The design is fine. It’s beautiful, elegant, and fits into most environments, but Apple could have innovated a little more in this aspect and come up with something different. In any case, this doesn’t seem to be the main reason why people are unhappy with the new HomePod. That would be the price.

3. The Price Is the Same

HomePod on white background

The main reason why Apple discontinued the first-gen HomePod was its price. It was too expensive compared to alternatives on the market. Most people expected this new version to be cheaper, but that hasn’t been the case.

The price was probably the only aspect Apple had to change for the HomePod to succeed, yet the company has changed everything but the price. We can’t predict the future, but looking at the poor sales of the previous HomePod, it doesn’t look like this new version will fare much better.

This New HomePod Could Be a Failure, or Not

When Apple launches a new product to market, it’s almost always a success. However, every now and then, Apple still has a few misses. Looking at early reactions from the Apple community, it doesn’t look like this new HomePod will be a smashing success, but only time will tell if it’ll fail or not.


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