5 Reasons the Magic Keyboard for iPad Isn’t for Everyone


Since its launch, Apple has marketed the Magic Keyboard for iPad as a must-have iPad accessory. In its defense, the Magic Keyboard for iPad is designed and optimized for iPad Air and Pro models.

Features like magnetic snap-fit, pass-through charging, and easy-to-use keys are valuable additions. But it does not mean that the Magic Keyboard for iPad is for everyone.

So, if you have trouble convincing yourself whether you need the Magic Keyboard, here are five reasons the Magic Keyboard for iPad isn’t for everyone.

1. Overpriced for What It Does

magic keyboard upfront view
Image Credit: Apple

Compared to the features and value it provides, the Magic Keyboard for iPad is overpriced. For reference, Apple sells the Magic Keyboard for iPad for $299. You need to spend another $50 if you have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

When you pit it against competing options, the Magic Keyboard is not a reasonable pick for most people. Instead, you can spend half this amount and get a good functional keyboard for your iPad.

For instance, the Logitech Combo Touch and Logitech Keyboard Folio are great options. In addition, many of these models offer viable protection for your iPad, which is not the case with the Magic Keyboard.

2. Heavier Than the iPad

apple ipad air with magic keyboard
Image Credit: Apple

For an accessory designed for iPad Pro and Air, the Magic Keyboard is heavier than the devices themselves.

For reference, the 11-inch iPad Pro has a comfortable-to-hold weight of 471 grams, while the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is 641 grams. Contrary to what you may think at first glance, the Magic Keyboards for these iPad models weigh 601 grams and 710 grams, respectively.

So, an 11-inch iPad Air connected to the Magic Keyboard will weigh more than two pounds. For many, such a heavy combination defeats the purpose of using an iPad instead of a laptop: portability. It might be a reasonable option if you expect the iPad to replace your MacBook, though.

3. Limited Viewing Angles

Magic Keyboard for iPad viewing angle

Using the Magic Keyboard for iPad means settling for a limited range of viewing and using angles.

We understand that the Magic Keyboard is designed to convert your iPad into an almost laptop. But such a design conveniently ignores an accessory most iPad users love: the Apple Pencil. So, even if you ignore the difficulty caused by limited viewing angles, the inability to properly use the Apple Pencil is a dealbreaker.

This point becomes even more unbearable when we consider the alternative options in the market. For example, many third-party keyboard combinations for iPad Pro and Air offer better viewing angles and create a pleasant environment to use the Apple Pencil.

4. Poor Protection

As you may have noticed, the Magic Keyboard for iPad does not do much to protect the tablet. When equipped with the Magic Keyboard, your iPad Air or Pro remains prone to accidental damage.

There is no drop protection or shock absorption due to the lack of edge-to-edge coverage. On the other hand, even some of the cheapest alternatives in the market can better protect your iPad.

The Magic Keyboard makes things even more complex in terms of compatibility. For instance, you can’t use a third-party iPad protective case if you want to connect the iPad to a Magic Keyboard. Otherwise, you must bear the annoying task of constantly removing and reconnecting the protective case.

5. Lack of Function Keys

magic keyboard key rows
Image Credit: Apple

Even though the Magic Keyboard has an iPad-optimized layout of keys, it does not have the function keys. In case you forgot, even the cheaper Magic Keyboard Folio for the iPad (10th generation) comes with function keys.

We understand this may not be a deal breaker for everyone. However, if you plan to use the iPad Air or Pro as a laptop replacement, the lack of the function key row will bother you. You may also notice the absence of the Escape key, but you can circumvent this issue by modifying other keys.

As you know, the function key row is helpful when it comes to system settings like keyboard brightness. But instead, you will need to go to System Settings or the Control Center on your iPad, even when using the Magic Keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard Needs an Upgrade

We don’t think the Magic Keyboard for iPad is a lousy investment, per se. However, you should keep these points in mind instead of buying this accessory due to the hype.

Considering what Apple has done with the newer and affordable Magic Keyboard Folio, we think the next iteration of the Magic Keyboard for iPad will solve most of these issues.


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