5 Reasons to Use Safari Over Other Browsers on a Mac


There are a variety of browsers you can choose from, and it can be challenging to pick the one that is right for your Mac. A sizable portion of Mac users switch to a third-party browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, instead of using Safari.

While these web browsers certainly have their strengths, Apple’s Safari browser offers unique features that may persuade you to use it over other third-party options. So, let’s discuss why you should stick to Safari.

1. Power Efficiency

Having long battery life on a laptop is vital for most users, as you would expect. Anyone who has used Chrome on the Mac knows that it chews through your system’s RAM and drains the laptop’s battery relatively quickly. In fact, the power consumption issue is one of the main reasons not to use Chrome on a MacBook.

Thankfully, Safari is very energy efficient, especially on Apple silicon Macs. It sips power from the system and handles RAM management well when browsing the web. So, if you want the best battery life when you are on the go, it’s best to use Safari.

2. Privacy Report

Privacy Report in Safari

It’s well known at this point that Apple takes privacy seriously and is good with giving users control over their data. Not only does Apple take measures to ensure privacy for users with hardware, but the same goes for software.

Safari offers Privacy Report, which informs you on how the browser prevented trackers from following you across different websites. The Privacy Report feature also details how many trackers Safari prevented from identifying you and the percentage of websites that contacted trackers.

If you are eager to learn more about secure Safari compared to other browsers, refer to our article that compares Chrome and Safari’s security.

3. iCloud Keychain

If you have multiple logins and use different, complex passwords for your accounts online, then iCloud Keychain can be a vital tool for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the feature, iCloud Keychain saves important information such as your usernames, passwords, credit cards, and more to your iCloud account.

The feature also allows you to use that stored information across all your Apple devices; no need to repeatedly save the same information for each device, like your iPhone or iPad. It’s one of those features that will make you wonder how you managed your sensitive information before.

4. Apple Pay Support

Apple Pay Online
Image Credit: Apple 

Next, we have Apple Pay support, another reason you should consider using Safari over other browsers. The service is one of the quickest and pain-free ways to pay for something online. If you already use Apple Pay for payments on your iPhone, you can easily add your credit cards to your Mac for use in Safari.

Apple Pay also supports a wide variety of debit and credit cards, so you can likely add your existing card. If you have a Mac that features Touch ID, all you have to do is use your fingerprint to authenticate the purchase; it’s that easy.

5. Handoff From Other Apple Devices

Handoff and AirDrop settings in macOS

Handoff is one of the most significant advantages of being in the Apple ecosystem, even though it can sometimes feel like a walled garden. If you are unfamiliar with Handoff, it lets you start a task on one device, then finish it on another seamlessly.

When it comes to Safari, you can start reading a website on your iPhone, then pick up right where you left off on your Mac without having to hunt for that webpage again.

In that instance, the Safari app icon with a small iPhone badge will appear in your dock if you have Safari open on your phone and Bluetooth enabled on both devices. Clicking on the icon will instantly bring you to the website you were viewing on your phone.

Take Advantage of Safari’s Benefits on Your Mac

While Safari may seem easy to overlook, features such as power efficiency, security, and Handoff are compelling reasons to use it as your primary browser.

Since it comes with every Mac out of the box, it’s worth at least trying out. If you want to make your web browsing even more efficient with Safari, use AutoFill, a feature that can save you time when logging into your accounts.


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