6 Mac Browsers You Should Try for Better Productivity


Almost every popular web browser nowadays is powerful enough to help you get things done. Safari, the web browser built into macOS, is no exception. You can also consider options like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox if you need better extensions.

But, in the end, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox are general-purpose web browsers. More so, they don’t cut it when you want maximum productivity. So, depending on what productivity means to you, you might need better options.

Here are six Mac browsers you should try for better productivity.

1. Brave

Brave browser for Mac

Brave has been a go-to choice for many people when they need an all-rounder Mac browser for a productivity boost. It’s based on the Chromium engine and offers almost everything you can expect from Google Chrome, which many choose over Safari. But, unlike Chrome, Brave for Mac is well-optimized for resource management. So you will not have to worry about increased RAM or CPU usage.

In case you are wondering, being better than Google Chrome is not the only reason we recommend Brave browser for better productivity. First, because Brave uses the Chromium engine, you can install all the web extensions you had on Chrome. Many security-centric features, such as built-in IPFS integration and support for Tor protocol, come in handy for advanced users.

Because of its privacy-focused nature, Brave browser can offer a faster and less intrusive web experience in general. For example, you do not have to worry about ads, trackers, or social media fingerprinting. In addition, you can customize the New Tab page to bring in and organize cards like Brave News or Top Sites.

Download: Brave (Free)

2. Min

Min Browser for Mac

For many people, being more productive requires a distraction-free environment to work. If you want a distraction-free browser for your Mac, you should try what the open-source Min browser offers. It aims to provide a faster and more convenient browsing experience, as the distraction-free UI lets you quickly open, close, and manage tabs.

The browser does not hold back on integration, either. For instance, you can get autocomplete entries from DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia. Similarly, it has a built-in Task Manager, allowing you to group tabs for the same project. Last but not least, you can set up Min to block third-party ads and blockers—or scripts.

You can also use the Reader mode for a better browsing experience. The browser works with popular password managers as well. We also love how responsive the open-source development team is. The developers listen to feedback and push updates regularly, so you probably never have to worry about security.

Download: Min (Free)

3. SigmaOS

 SigmaOS browser for Mac

SigmaOS is one of the most feature-rich Mac browsers you can try for better productivity. But, unlike Min, this browser is designed for those who need maximum control over multiple tabs, windows, and workspaces. The SigmaOS browser uses its innovative UI design to better organize your work across several tabs—without opening multiple windows.

You can create multiple workspaces and have various tabs within each workspace. For instance, you can put all your work-related tabs under dedicated tabs for each project. At the same time, you can have a separate workspace for your reading list or research work. If you don’t know where to begin, you can use one of the many SigmaOS templates: Students, Researchers, Developers, Creators, etc.

Other productivity features of SigmaOS include a universal search system, which lets you search for tabs and bookmarks, among other things. Similarly, you can use the Split Tab feature for enhanced multitasking. In addition, SigmaOS offers valuable features like iCloud Sync, iCloud Keychain support, and a built-in ad blocker.

Download: SigmaOS (Free, subscription available)

4. Vivaldi

Vivaldi browser for Mac

If you would like an uber-customizable browser for better productivity, we recommend checking out Vivaldi. This Chromium-based browser is often called the best option for productivity—for all the good reasons. It has so many features that you probably won’t need third-party extensions. But, if you need one, you can install any Chrome extension.

The best part about Vivaldi? You can choose one of the three modes—Essentials, Classic, and Fully Loaded— based on your desired features. For example, if you want all features and maximum privacy, you should go for the Fully Loaded option, which has Mail, Calendar, and RSS Reader apps. You can also include as many web panels as you wish.

These web panels come in handy more often than you think. For instance, you can quickly browse the online encyclopedia using the Wikipedia panel. Similarly, you can add almost any website as a web panel. You also get impressive features like custom macros, ad-blocker, split-screen tab views, and mouse gestures.

Download: Vivaldi (Free)

5. Wavebox


Wavebox calls itself a browser for work, and we believe it is a good option if you want to improve your overall productivity while browsing the web. Even though it uses Chromium like many other options on this list, Wavebox is optimized to work with platforms like Microsoft Teams, Asana, Atlassian, Slack, Google Workspaces, etc.

It also focuses on a few specific features like multi-account sign-in. You can use Wavebox to easily manage multiple accounts without creating separate profiles. In addition, you can use features like a multi-way split screen and many navigation options to optimize your workflow. Wavebox does a lot of organization on its own, so you often do not have to lift a finger.

More so, you can create app-to-app workflows as well. For instance, you can set up an app to launch when you click on specific links. Again, the browser learns from your working patterns to help make things easier. This Chromium-based browser supports all the popular Chrome extensions and even comes with 21 built-in extensions.

Download: Wavebox (Free, subscription available)

6. Sidekick

Sidekick browser for Mac

We have something special for the last. Sidekick is a speed and privacy-focused Mac browser that will help you focus and become more productive. This browser integrates all your favorite web apps so that you can manage everything from a unified dashboard. You can quickly access applications, documents, messengers, and other items you open or deal with in the browser.

Like SigmaOS, Sidekick Browser also eliminates tab clutter through better arrangement. You can have as many tabs as you want and arrange them based on sessions and websites. In addition, since you can keep frequent websites as web apps, accessing them will be easier. As you may have guessed, this browser comes with a Split-View mode.

We also loved how deeply app integrations work. For instance, you can easily edit your Notion documents using Grammarly. We also noticed that Sidekick is blazing fast, even while handling multiple tasks simultaneously. So, you can have the best of all worlds with this productivity-focused browser for Mac.

Download: Sidekick (Free, subscription available)

Choosing the Best Browser for Productivity

All these Mac browsers will help you improve your productivity in one way or another. But you should try them out and find what makes you get things done quickly and efficiently.

Regardless of where your preferences lie, it is always good to use one of the fastest browsers on your Mac. And it doesn’t always have to be Safari or Chrome.


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