8 iPhone Calculator Secrets You Need to Know


Many underestimate the iPhone’s Calculator app because of its simple looks and interface. But did you know there is more to it than just simple arithmetic?

Here, we’ll look at some of the hidden features in the default Calculator app you can make the most of while doing calculations.

1. Delete the Last Digit You Typed

Touchscreens aren’t exactly the most accurate typing surfaces, especially since you don’t get the tactile feedback for every keypress. That’s why it’s easy to mistype the digits you’re entering on the iPhone’s Calculator app.

However, if that happens, you don’t have to restart your computation or type the last number all over again. Instead, you just need to swipe left or right on the number, and the app will remove the last digit you entered.

You can also press C to clear your entry if you’re in the middle of a calculation and accidentally typed the wrong number. This action will remove the last number you typed and highlight the last mathematical function you pressed to avoid confusion.

Don’t press C multiple times or the AC button; this will reset the calculator and remove all the functions you have typed so far.

2. Copy and Paste Numbers

There are several ways to copy the current number on your calculator. The simplest method is to tap and hold the number to show the Copy button. Alternatively, you can double-tap it to reveal the same button.

You could also use the three-finger tap on the calculator display to reveal the clipboard actions, which would also show the Copy button. Or, if you like using handy iPhone gestures, you can pinch the calculator’s display area with three fingers, which copies the number displayed on it.

If you want to paste a number onto the calculator, you need to have a number in your clipboard first. You can then use the tap-and-hold, double-tap, or three-finger tap methods to reveal the paste button. You can also spread three fingers on the calculator display to paste the numbers you copied.

The last item you copied on your iPhone must be a number for the Paste button to appear and for the three-finger-spread to work.

3. Copy the Last Calculated Result

You can always copy the currently displayed number on the calculator app using the method above. But what if you need the last result from your calculator, but you’ve already closed the Calculator app and forgot to copy it?

Fret not because there are multiple ways to copy the last calculated results without opening the Calculator app. All you need is to swipe down to reveal your iPhone’s Control Center, tap and hold on the Calculator icon, and it’ll open a window showing the last result with a Copy Last Result button.

Just tap this button, and you should have the last result in your clipboard. If you’ve customized your iPhone’s Control Center and the Calculator icon isn’t there, you can still use this function. Just look for the Calculator app in your Home Screen or App Library, and tap and hold it to reveal the same window.

And if you have so many apps that you can’t find the Calculator app, type Calculator on Spotlight Search, then tap and hold the Calculator app in the results to reveal the Last Result window.

4. Reveal Scientific Functions

iPhone Calculator Scientific Mode in Landscape

The iPhone Calculator looks simple when you launch it in portrait mode. But if you want to reveal more powerful functions, you simply need to turn off your phone’s Portrait Orientation Lock while on the Calculator app and then turn your iPhone on its side.

The phone will then reveal several advanced scientific functions. And if in case some of the functions you need aren’t here, tap on the 2nd button to reveal more functions.

While it’s logical to open the Calculator app when you need to compute for something, did you know there’s a faster way to solve math problems? Your iPhone’s Spotlight Search can answer mathematical questions for you—just type the equation directly on it.

So, if you need to solve a problem quickly, you can use Spotlight Search. You might even find it more useful than the Calculator app, as you’ll see the results without pressing the equal sign. This would allow you to see the numbers and functions you typed, letting you check if you’ve made any errors in your input.

6. Ask Siri to Solve Your Math Problems

If you’re doing something with your hands, like holding a tape measure, it’s inconvenient to open the Calculator app to do some calculations. Thankfully, Siri is smart enough to do it for you.

So, instead of using your hands to find the answers to your math problems, you can just say something like, “Hey Siri, what’s 23.5 inches in centimeters?” or “Hey Siri, what’s 7% of 339?”. With that, you can quickly make computations on the fly, and Siri will dictate the answer to you.

7. Make the Calculator Dictate Your Results

You can also make the Calculator app dictate its results. However, you’ll need to activate the feature that makes your iPhone read text out loud first. You can do so by going to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Speak Selection.

Once you activate this, select the number on the Calculator’s display and tap on the Speak button to hear the result. It’s that easy!

8. Increase the Font Size in Calculator

While the Calculator already has a large display, this might not be enough, especially if you have poor eyesight. So, if you want to see the numbers better, you can use your iPhone’s Accessibility settings.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Per App Settings, then tap Add App. Type Calculator in the Search box and tap on the appropriate result.

Once you’re back in the Per App Settings, tap on Calculator. Under Display & Text Size, tap on Bold Text and select On. Go back to the Calculator Per-App Settings, then tap Larger Text. Drag the slider at the bottom to the right to maximize the font size. Now, try using the Calculator app; you’ll see bigger numbers on its display.

You Almost Don’t Need Third-Party Calculators

The default Calculator app on your iPhone is already powerful for most of your needs—you just need to know its secrets to get the most out of it.

It’s just unfortunate that the app doesn’t have a history, so if you need a record of your past computations, you’ll have to use a third-party calculator from the App Store.


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