Advanced menstrual cycle tracking is coming to the Galaxy Watch 5


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 does a great many things for a smartwatch, but advanced menstrual tracking isn’t one of them. That is however changing as today, Samsung announced that it will be adding advanced menstrual cycle tracking to the list of features the Galaxy Watch 5 offers.

Menstrual cycle tracking will be temperature-based which means big changes for the way periods are tracked using the device. Currently, it’s possible to track your period using the Galaxy Watch 5. But the capability is reliant on manual entry of data using the Samsung Health app. This method is less accurate for predictions. Going forward, this can all be done automatically, and the skin temperature tracking should provide a more accurate prediction. Of course, users should have the option to keep this disabled if they prefer.

The advanced tracking feature is powered by Natural Cycles fertility technology, as Samsung partnered with Natural Cycles to bring the feature to the Galaxy Watch 5.

Advanced menstrual cycle tracking will hit the Galaxy Watch 5 soon

This feature isn’t quite available but it will be soon. Samsung says users can expect to access it sometime in the second quarter. That means it’s only a few months away. However, the company doesn’t give an exact date of arrival. When it does launch though it will go live in 32 markets across the globe. This includes the US, UK, Korea, and many other countries across Europe.

Users can access the new temperature-based tracking capabilities from within the Samsung Health app. And it’ll be available on both the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The feature will be free to use, although you will need to set up the Samsung Health app initially if you’ve never used it before. For the full list of available countries where the advanced menstrual cycle tracking will be available visit Samsung’s official post.


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