Alexa vs. Google Assistant vs. Siri: Which Do You Prefer?


Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri are all great virtual assistants, but which is your favorite? Tell us what you think!

If you’re not using a free virtual assistant with your smartphone or other devices, you’re missing out on a lot. I’m sure all of us have, at some point, thought about how much a personal assistant would improve our lives.

While a virtual assistant can’t pick up your dry cleaning or go to your appointments for you, it can help out with calling and texting people, scheduling meetings, and making reminders throughout the day. Plus, a virtual assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri is free!

Alexa: Compatible With a Lot

Echo Show 8 Side Table
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Amazon’s Alexa is available on a ton of devices—most notably the Echo line of products directly from Amazon. If you have an Echo Dot or an Echo Show, Alexa can help you out in seconds with tasks like checking the weather before you leave the house, adding an item or two to your shopping list, or looking up an answer to a quick question. You can even cook with Alexa, though following along with a recipe is much easier if you have an Echo device with a display.

Unfortunately, Alexa isn’t built into many smartphones as of now. You can use Amazon Alexa from the Alexa app on a smartphone, but when you use Alexa this way, the app has to be open in order to give voice commands.

Google Assistant: Often the Choice for Android Users

While Alexa is only built into a few smartphones, Google Assistant is integrated into every modern Android phone. Because Google develops and owns the Android operating system, the company is able to easily incorporate Google Assistant into almost all Android smartphones. This means you can say “Hey, Google” to get help whether your phone is locked or not, and you don’t have to open an app before requesting help with your math homework or asking Google to tell you something funny.

Google Assistant can make your life easier throughout the day by reading you an article, ringing your smartphone if you lose it, screening your calls so you don’t have to, and so much more. Though you can set up Google Assistant on Android or iOS, many iPhone users will choose Siri instead simply because it’s easier.

Siri: Great for Apple Users

Siri on Apple Watch waiting for user's command
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If you have an iPhone, setting up and using Siri is easier than using Alexa or Google Assistant. Despite being one of the first virtual assistants, Siri isn’t always the most reliable, but you just have to know how to phrase your commands.

Some of the best Siri commands to use on your iPhone include telling Siri to call, FaceTime, or text someone, or to give them your location. You can also set reminders for anything you’d think of, add an event to your calendar, or control smart devices in your home.

Which Virtual Assistant Do You Prefer?

I have an Android smartphone, so picking Google Assistant seemed like a no-brainer. That said, I’ve used Siri with an iPhone in the past and I’ve also tried using the Amazon Alexa app on my current phone—and I still prefer Google Assistant. It seems like a more well-rounded virtual assistant that’s able to handle complex requests and integrate well with the rest of my smart devices at home.

Do you have a preferred virtual assistant? Would you ever specifically avoid getting a phone or smart device because it doesn’t support a specific virtual assistant?


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