Android 15 codename seemingly revealed – ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’


While Google is preparing Android 14 for a public release in August this year, it’s also developing Android 15 for the years ahead. The codename for Android 15 is now revealed, and it’s a dessert-themed codename with vanilla flavors.

It has become a tradition for Google to name Android versions after desserts and cakes, and Android 15 is no exception. According to XDA developers, Android 15 will be called “Vanilla Ice Cream.” Likewise, the codename for Android 14 was “Upside Down Cake,” and Android 13 was called Tiramisu.

This naming arrangement has no special meaning for users and companies. The reasons for this naming method are unknown. However, a Google spokesperson once said the company names the Android version after deserts because Android is powering over one billion smartphones, and these devices make our lives sweet. Regardless of the validity of this claim, Google said a few years ago that it would stop using desert names for Android products.

Android 15 will arrive sometime in 2024

Android 14 stable version will be out in the coming months, but Google is cooking up the 15th version for 2024. Yet, we’ve no clue what Android 15 looks like and what features it gets. However, we can expect conventional enhancements and a bunch of new features.

There are two things that can make Android 15 a highly anticipated Android version for 2024. First is the in-built satellite communication features. This form of communication is getting more attention from companies, and OEMs like Samsung and Motorola are bringing it to their products. Apple took the initiative with iPhone 14, are more companies are following the trend.

The next thing for Android 15 could be AI-driven tools and features. Given the sharp expansion of AI among different industries and smartphone manufacturers, Android 15 can push the envelope with more AI features. Google recently introduced Bard to compete with ChatGPT, and YouTube is preparing AI tools for creators.


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