Apple is winning the smartphone wars with Gen Z… in the US


iPhones have long been the go-to choice for everyday consumers in the United States, while Android has appealed more to tech enthusiasts. However, a new report from the Financial Times suggests that Android may face an existential problem as Gen Z, or Zoomers, increasingly prefer Apple’s iPhone over the best Android phones, particularly in the US.

The report reveals that Gen Z is becoming more concerned about social ostracism for not owning an iPhone. And this social pressure is driving young people to purchase Apple products and services, leading to a growing market share across multiple categories. As a result, 34% of all iPhone owners in the US belong to Gen Z, while Samsung’s share is only 10%.

Since Apple has designed its ecosystem to make it difficult for consumers to use cross-platform devices, for every 100 iPhones sold, Apple also sells 26 iPads, 17 Apple Watches, and 35 pairs of AirPods, according to the research firm Canalys. These figures are impressive, especially considering that the average selling price of an iPhone is almost three times that of an Android device.

iMessage is the driving factor

One of the reasons behind Apple’s growing popularity amongst Gen Z is iMessage. The fact that it does not work well with Android forces people to either switch to an iPhone or remain with iOS at all costs. While some may argue that iMessage is only prevalent in the United States, a similar trend is evident in Europe, where iMessage is less popular, and Android has a larger market share. According to Canalys research, 83% of Apple users in western Europe under 25 intend to keep using an iPhone, while less than half of Android users in that group say they will stick with Android.

Although Google has been actively trying to combat the iMessage problem by promoting RCS (Rich Communication Services), it is highly unlikely that Apple will ever adopt RCS, as the company’s business model revolves around creating a closed ecosystem that ties its customers to its products and services.


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