Apple releases first iOS 16.4 Beta, here’s what’s new


After a somewhat long wait, Apple has finally released the first beta for iOS 16.4. And it has a good number of features that are coming in the stable iOS 16.4 update in the coming future. Currently, developers are still getting their hands on the build, so we’re still finding new features that are coming in iOS 16.4. So here’s what we know so far.

Keep in mind that this is the developer beta. The public beta will be available to users in the coming days. If you are a registered developer, you can download the update now.

What’s new in iOS 16.4 Beta

So what’s new in iOS 16.4 Beta? Well, so far, it’s mostly pretty small things. Which is expected, this close to the iOS 17 announcement. But we are getting new emoji in the iOS 16.4 update. This update brings new Unicode 15 emoji characters. This is the first time that Apple has added new emoji in over a year.

There’s also a handful of smaller updates here. For example, now you can get beta and developer betas onto your device without downloading a beta or developer beta profile. Which is currently how you can get onto the beta track. There will be a new option in the Software Update page to change this. Which is pretty neat. Hopefully it won’t be front and center, so it’s a little tougher for users to download the beta.

We’re also seeing some changes in the Apple Music app, that brings your profile picture into the top right corner. Of course, this is another small update. But remember, Apple’s apps only get updated with new versions of iOS, and not through the App Store.

This is just the first beta for iOS 16.4, so we’d expect to see about 4-5 more betas. Usually about every week or two weeks. So don’t expect to see this one hit stable until probably April.


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