Best Google Pixel Watch Bands You Can Buy


With the Pixel Watch now officially available you might be wondering what some of the best bands are. Or whether or not there are any available options outside of Google’s own store. For the time being, the only official options come from Google. Though that should change with time. Interestingly enough though, there are some third-party options popping up on Amazon.

Google’s Pixel Watch was officially launched earlier this month and it should now be shipping to buyers. You can pick it up in either Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or LTE models, and in a few different colorways. You get one band with the watch and the one included in the box will be the Active Band.

Since there are a few other options though, and there are some third-party offerings starting to appear, we wanted to list up the best Pixel Watch bands we could find. Keep in mind that the number of offerings is going to be low at the moment since the watch is so new. But overtime more options will undoubtedly fill out.

Also worth noting is that if you have the Crafted Leather Band that Google sells officially, you can actually use third-party 20mm bands with that. You simply have to remove the Crafted Leather Band from the proprietary connector and pop in a band of your choice. It does have to be 20mm though. Because of this process, we will only be listing bands that have the compatible connector.

Best Google Pixel Watch bands

Pixel Watch Band Cost Where To Buy
Google Pixel Watch Crafted Leather Band $79.99 Google Store
Miimall No Gap Stainless Steel Band $18.99 Amazon
Google Pixel Watch Woven Band $59.99 Google Store
YMHML Stainless Steel Mesh Loop Band $14.99 Amazon
Google Pixel Watch Two-Tone Leather Band $79.99 Google Store
Google Pixel Watch Active Band $49.99 Google Store
Google Pixel Watch Stretch Band $59.99 Google Store

Crafted Leather Band

Crafted Leather Band

As of right now this is the only leather band for the Pixel Watch that we could find. But that doesn’t make it any less of a decent band option. It comes in two available colors which are Obsidian and Ivy, and the band is actually attached to the stainless steel lugs and not the proprietary connector itself. Which means if you want to go through the extra effort to remove the band from the lugs and pop in a different one, you can.

The Crafted Leather Band is not sweat or water resistant. So this isn’t the band you want to wear while working out or if you’re planning to swim. The band also comes in small and large sizes with support for some decent variance in sizes of wrists.

Crafted Leather Band

Miimall No Gap Stainless Steel Band

Mimall No Gap Stainless Steel Band

  • Price: $18.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

There are two main reasons why we like this band and chose to put it on the list. One is that Google’s own Metal Links band isn’t available till next Spring. So you can’t even buy the official one right now. It also costs $199.99. Which is more than half the cost of the WiFi/Bluetooth model of the watch.

This metal links band however, is only $20. So you spend $180 less on what is likely to be a decent alternative to what Google is selling. It also comes in four colors. Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. Google’s $200 band comes in two colors. Brushed Silver and Matte Black. We won’t deny those bands look nice. But they also a ton of money. This is a much less expensive option for a similar look.

Mimall No Gap Stainless Steel Band

Woven Band

Pixel Watch Woven Band

If you’re looking something that offers everyday comfort and can be worn while active, look no further than the Woven Band that Google offers. This is both sweat and water resistant so you can wear it while working out and if it gets soaked it shouldn’t cause any damage to the band. And it’s definitely one of the best bands you can get for the Pixel Watch. In fact it might be our favorite.

It also comes in a few different colors including Lemongrass, Coral, and Ivy. This one doesn’t come in small and large sizes but it fits both ranges offered on the Crafted Leather Band. It’s also made from recycled yarn so that’s kind of a nice touch. Knowing that you’re getting something which has a little more of an ecofriendly footprint.

Woven Band

YMHML Stainless Steel Mesh Loop Band

YMHML Pixel Watch Metal Mesh Band

  • Price: $14.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

We picked this band for the same reason we picked the metal links band up above. For one, it’s available and the official mesh band from Google is not. As it will also be releasing next Spring. And of course it’s a lot less expensive than Google’s mesh band will be. Comparatively, this is $15.99 whereas the Google band is going to be $129.99.

This band also has the magnetic clasp like Google’s mesh band, and it comes in four colors. Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Siver.

YMHML Stainless Steel Mesh Loop Band

Two-Tone Leather Band

Pixel Watch Two Tone Leather Band

Much like the Crafted Leather Band, the Two-Tone Leather Band lets you get that leather look and feel but jazzes it up a little bit by adding a second color to the band. The band comes in three main colorways which are Linen, Charcoal, and Chalk. But each band colorway also has a second color applied to it. For example, Linen is the color for one part of the band, and you get a slightly different shade of brown for other part.

The Chalk version is white on one side and gray on the other. If you like to feel a little more stylish, this is a nice option. All the Two-Tone leather bands are also made of Italian leather.

Two-Tone Leather Band

Active Band

Pixel Watch Active Band

The Active Band is what you get that comes with the Pixel Watch inside of the box. It’s also exactly the same as the Infinity band that comes with the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Sense 2. So if you have ever felt how those feel when around your wrist, you should know what the Pixel Watch’s Active Band feels like.

This band comes in multiple colors including Lemongrass, Charcoal, Obsidian, Chalk, and Hazel. The Lemongrass option however is only available as a standalone purchase. While the other four colors each come with one of the colors of the Pixel Watch.

The Active Band, as its namesake implies, is both sweat and water resistant. So wear it while you work out, wear it in the rain, and don’t feel too bad if you spill some water on it. It’ll be just fine.

Active Band

Stretch Band

Pixel Watch Stretch Band

Rounding out this list is the last band that Google officially offers on its Google Store site. The Stretch Band. There’s a few reasons to like this band and one of them is it seems to lend itself well to the style of wearing it over your sleeves. Now, style-wise, this isn’t something we’d do unless your top has tight-fitting sleeves like in the image above. But even if you’re wearing it with short sleeves or under long sleeves, the stretch fabric is likely to be a little more soft than any of the other options.

This band is sweat resistant so you could probably work out in it, but it is not water resistant. Which means you probably can’t clean it and sweat would just load up in the fabric overtime. That being said, this is the perfect band for during the day or any other time where you aren’t being super active. It also comes in three colors which are Linen, Rose, and Obsidian.

Stretch Band


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