Best of MWC 2023: Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology


Tecno makes it possible to change the color of your phone whenever you want

Tired of having a white phone? No problem. With Tecno’s Chameleon ColoringTechnology, you can make it purple, blue, red, really any color you want. This isn’t really new technology, as Tecno did show off something similar last year at MWC, but this year, it’s one panel, and works a whole lot better. But remember that this is still just a concept, and for now you can’t buy it. But it’s a really cool concept and it has earned a Best of MWC award from AndroidHeadlines.

You can change the color of your phone over two million times before it fails

Tecno has made this pretty durable. Saying that you can change the color of your phone nearly two million times before it fails. That works out to changing it over 100 times per days for nearly 55 years. So you can change it as often as you want. Tecno also says that it won’t impact battery life, as changing the color 100 times will result in the same battery drain as watching a 5-minute video.

There are over 16,00 colors that you can choose for the back of this phone. Not quite infinite colors, but definitely enough for you to have a few that you like.

So how does it work? Well, Tecno says that it uses a sub-micron prism that scatters light as it hits it. So you can shift the arrangement of the prism to change the color you see when light scattering happens. Giving a rather unique look to the phone.

This is a concept phone, so unfortunately, it’s not available in a smartphone, nor as a prototype just yet. This seems to be early days for this type of technology, but the possibilities with this is endless. It won’t be surprising to see it in a smartphone from Tecno in the future though.

That’s why the Tecno Chameleon Coloring Technology has won our Best of MWC 2023 award.


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