Best of MWC: Motorola Rizr


The Motorola Rizr prototype was able to win a lot of attention at MWC for its interesting design

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is going on right now, and we’re seeing all sorts of interesting and innovative technology from the best brands in the tech world. Motorola made an appearance at the show and it gave us a look at its next flexible phone prototype. It’s called the Motorola Rizr, and it’s a rollable phone concept.

We know about the Motorola Razr phones. They’re the clamshell foldable phones from the company that are going against others in the foldable market. However, that’s not the only flexible phone that the company has up its sleeves.

The Motorola Rizr makes it to MWC

We saw a prototype of the concept phone, and it looks rather interesting. When it’s compacted, the phone looks like a rather short handset. It’s big enough to show all of the apps on the home screen comfortably. So, imagine a regular phone with about two inches cut off the top.

Then, if you want some more real estate, you’ll just need to activate the rolling mechanism. At that point, the phone will begin to unroll and extend a few inches. After that, it’ll be about the height of a regular phone. It takes about three seconds for the phone to fully extend. You’ll actually see the screen roll up on the back of the phone when it’s compacting.

While expanding the screen, we see the wallpaper reacting and changing. This is something that we saw with other foldable phones, and it adds a nice aesthetic charm to the phone.

This is definitely one of the most interesting devices to make it to MWC, and this is why it was able to earn our award for Best of MWC.


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