Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Case Deals


Find the best case for your new Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is finally out, and phones will be getting delivered soon enough. Before they get to your door, however, it’s super important to ensure you have everything you need to protect your phone, starting with a sturdy and stylish new case. After all, you paid a fortune on your new phone, so you should do your best to ensure that even if you do drop it, it won’t shatter to pieces.

The new Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ are here with loads of awesome features, while the S23 Ultra may very well have the best specs on the market right now.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Details

Samsung Galaxy S23 is the first of the new line, featuring a 6.1-inch display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and weighing just under 6 ounces. The phone measures 5.76 x 2.79 x 0.3 inches, so it should fit perfectly in just about any pocket and bag. The smaller size also makes it just about perfect for folks with smaller hands, especially since these are harder to find nowadays.

The phone runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and 8GB of RAM. When it comes to storage space, there are two options available, namely 128GB and 256GB. There’s a 50MP three-camera system on the back and a 12MP selfie camera on the front. The phone is available to preorder and you can get it for $800 and upwards, depending on the storage capacity you’re looking for. The $800 price tag is attached to the 128GB version, while the 256GB option will cost you $850.

Samsung Galaxy S23-1

The cases we’re going to highlight for you already come with a discount, most often in the form of a coupon you’ll have to check the box for. The discounts aren’t that large just now, but they’re there!

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Case Deals

  • Spigen Liquid Crystal Samsung Galaxy S23

    Spigen Liquid Crystal for Galaxy S23

    Editor’s Choice

    Since this one comes from Spigen, we’re absolutely sure this model will protect your phone just fine. It’s a great case to get, perfectly clear, allowing you to view those nice new colors the Galaxy S23 comes in. The case is lightweight and won’t slip out of your hand, while the cutouts aren’t rough around the ages. The charging cable also has plenty of room for a snug fit, but you can also easily wirelessly charge the phone without taking out the case.

  • Spidercase samsung galaxy s23 case

    Spidercase for Galaxy S23

    Should you be looking for something more heavy-duty, this Spidercase S23 case is just the right choice. This rugged case will protect your phone from drops up to 12 feet, which is pretty awesome. Spidercase rates this case as “military shockproof,” so you know it’s going to offer a lot of protection. There’s also a built-in screen protector, so you don’t have to concern yourself with one. The case gives your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23 a double layer of protection against water.

  • case-mate galaxy s23 case

    Case-Mate clear case for Galaxy S23

    If you’d love a clear case for your Galaxy S23, but you really don’t want it to end up yellow in just a few months, Case-Mate has one that will do just that. Not only will it not turn yellow, but it also won’t end up with scratches. As a bonus, this particular case comes with a camera lens protector, which you can apply yourself right over the lenses, and a screen protector so you’re all covered.

  • Janmitta Samsung Galaxy S23 case

    Janmitta Heavy Duty Samsung Galaxy S23 Case

    Looking for a heavy-duty case for your new Samsung Galaxy S23? Well, this one from Janmitta comes is just that. There’s also a screen protector included and camera lens protection too. Plus, the case comes with a rotatable magnetic ring holder and kickstand. You can get this one in a multitude of colors, including black, pink, purple, mint green, navy blue, red, and white, although the price may vary a tiny bit.

  • crave dual guard samsung galaxy s23

    Crave Dual Guard for Samsung Galaxy S23

    Crave delivers a super stylish case for your brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23. It comes with shockproof protection, it will resist any drops and scratches, and it’s super compact. This means that you can slip it right into your pocket without it snagging on the edge. The tactile buttons also allow users to press them easily. There are multiple color options available, starting with forest green, aqua, berry, black, lilac, navy, red, and slate.

  • simtect case with camera cover for samsung galaxy s23

    Simtect Case with Camera Cover for Samsung Galaxy S23

    If you want to take things a step further, the Simtect case comes with a camera cover for an added sense of privacy and to help protect those expensive lenses from scratches. The case itself is made out of silicone so it’s fairly slim and this will also help protect your phone from drops of up to 12 feet. You can get this one in black, green, or clear.

  • temdan full body phone case for samsung galaxy S23

    Temdan Full Body Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S23

    Protecting your entire phone, front and back, has never been easier than with this Temdan case. It doesn’t just cover the back of your phone, but it also has an extra screen protector that gets attached to the back case. It’s perfectly touch-sensitive, but it is anti-scratch too, so you’re more than covered. It can resist 12-foot drops, it’s slim, and you won’t have to remove the cover to wirelessly charge your phone.

  • Oterkin rugged samsung s23

    Oterkin Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S23

    Oterkin also has a great case for the Galaxy S23. It comes with 360-degree coverage, so your phone is fully protected. Since it comes with a built-in screen protector that even supports fingerprint unlock, you won’t have to worry about getting a glass protector too. Also, those annoying air bubbles are certainly a thing of the past when putting on this phone case.


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