Can You Turn On Dark Mode in Apple Pages?


Curious about the dark mode in Apple Pages? Find out if it’s possible to turn it on and transform your writing experience.

For many reasons, there are folks who prefer working in dark mode. If you’re on a Mac, you could wonder if there’s a dark mode for Apple Pages—even if you’re already using it.

That’s because the answer to that is both yes and no. Certainly, there is, but it doesn’t work exactly like you’d think. To learn more about how it works and how to make your pages dark, keep reading.

What Does Dark Mode Do in Apple Pages?

Apple Pages works with your System Preferences to bring you dark mode. When you turn on dark mode, you’ll notice that the background, sidebar, and toolbar change from light gray to near black. But, unlike apps like Notes and Reminders, changing this setting doesn’t make the workspace dark.

Word processing software with light workspace

Word processing software with dark background

How to Turn On Dark Mode in Apple Pages

You can turn on dark mode for all of your Mac apps by:

  1. Going to System Preferences.
  2. Selecting General.
  3. Beside Appearance, choose Dark to set your apps to dark mode permanently or Auto to set it, so it changes with your Mac’s Night Shift settings.

General system preferences menu for Mac

How Can I Make Pages Dark in Apple Pages?

Apple Pages offer a workaround if you’d like to work with a dark page. When creating a new document, rather than choosing the usual Blank background, select the Blank Black template. You can find it under Basic if you don’t see it in the new document panel.

When you create a document using Blank Black, Pages will automatically set your font color to white so that it shows up on a dark background.

Black page in word processing software

Enjoy Using Dark Mode in Apple Pages

While swapping your Mac to Dark doesn’t change the page color in Apple Pages, there’s a workaround for those who prefer the darker setting. Blank Black is a workaround if it’s a blacked-out page you desire. Just be mindful as you copy and paste the white text into other apps.


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