Casio reveals new G-SHOCK Move, the first Powered by Polar watch


The new G-SHOCK Move is Casio’s latest multi-sport watch, and also the first watch to be powered by Polar tracking technology. Earlier this week, Polar announced it would be licensing out its technology, specifically 25 different tracking algorithms, to other brands. Casio being the first of those brands with its GBDH2000 watch.

Around the same time Casio officially announced the G-SHOCK Move GBDH2000 model. Giving consumers a full look at the upcoming watch and all of its key features and specs. One key detail to know about is that this is not a Wear OS watch, or really a smartwatch for that matter. It’s a multi-sport watch built on Casio’s own software with the help of Polar’s tracking tech for certain functions. So this is more akin to something like the Garmin multi-sport watches, or even some of Polar’s in-house devices.

Casio’s new G-SHOCK Move is lighter, and supports solar charging

Some of the bigger highlights of this device include its durability, but also its weight. It only weighs 63g, which Casio says is 38% lighter than the previous model. And even with that weight drop it’s still just as durable of a timepiece. A big factor in that reduced weight is the thinner rechargeable battery, which helped to make the watch slimmer. The watch can also be charged both by USB and by using solar power.

Other key features include shock resistance, water resistance up to 200m, a Super Illuminator LED backlight, and a multi-lingual day of the week display that supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian. It also features a sunrise/sunset display, moon data, and a full auto-calendar up to 2099. Though we don’t imagine many people would be using the watch that long.

The Casio G-SHOCK Move GBDH2000 goes on sale on March 10 and retails for $399, and you can pre-order the watch starting today.


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