Don’t forget about that YouTube Premium Family Plan price hike


YouTube Premium Family Plan prices are getting an increase, and that price change is coming sooner rather than later. It’d be understandable if you forgot all about YouTube reaching into your pockets for a little more money. The company announced the price change was coming all the way back in October of 2022. During the announcement last year, it said prices would be increasing in April of 2023. Well, April of 2023 is one month away.

And YouTube wants to remind you, and everyone else who has a YouTube Premium Family Plan, that the price increase is around the corner. If you did forget all about the change to the monthly fee, consider this your fair warning. YouTube Premium Family Plans will officially cost $22.99 a month as of April 3. Just one day longer than a full month away.

YouTube sends out emails about the Premium family plan price increase

While many likely don’t agree with the price change, it’s nice at least that YouTube is sending out email reminders to subscribers. You can also find more info about these changes on YouTube’s official support page. Still, $22.99 a month from $17.99 a month is a big jump. And it’s even more of an increase for anyone who was grandfathered in at the $14.99 a month plan. In case you missed it last year, yes, this price change impacts you as well. Shame, really. Because $14.99 was such a good price for what you were getting.

But say goodbye to those more reasonable plan costs. Because they’re on the way out. You do however have one more month to enjoy the family plan cost at whatever you’re currently paying before the change. Of course, you could always do what some subscribers did when Netflix recently raised its prices and just cancel.

And if you can live with ads, no background play for videos, and no offline play, then cancelling at least would save you $22.99 a month.

YouTube Premium Family Plan Price Increase


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