ESPN to Offer Comprehensive Sports Streaming Guide Across Multiple Platforms


Streaming sports these days is, very complicated. But now, according to a new report out of CNBC, it looks like ESPN wants to change that.

Apparently, ESPN has been reaching out to other media companies that offer sports streaming, with a rather intriguing idea. It wants to use the ESPN app to show users where they can watch any sporting event currently being streamed. That would include on a competing service. Now, ESPN kind of already does this with other sports. But some networks will not appear in the app.

But, ESPN wants to take this a bit further. They want you to open the ESPN app and see what Premier League soccer matches are happening on Peacock right now. And then you could jump right into Peacock and start watching. It’s a pretty interesting idea, especially with sports being so fragmented right now.

A sports aggregator is desperately needed

The world of sports streaming is super fragmented right now. For instance, with the upcoming MLB season, you could watch games on FOX, FS1, ESPN, TBS, MLB Network or Apple TV. Some of which you might have from a streaming service like YouTube TV, and others you won’t have. Not to mention, most of your local games will be on a regional sports network (that might or might not be around by Opening Day). But being able to open up the ESPN app and see what games are on TBS today, or the MLB Network, would be a huge help.

This is a move that is desperately needed, but it makes you wonder, what could ESPN get out of this? Well, it’s pretty simple. That would mean more people are opening the ESPN app. Which leads to more ads being viewed and of course, that’s more revenue. ESPN knows that it can’t get all the sports rights, do this should still help them increase revenue.


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