Galaxy S23+ drop test shows a flat screen is more durable


A couple of weeks back, YouTube channel PBKreviews did a durability test of Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S23 Ultra (review). The phone was put through some serious torture, including multiple drops on concrete. The same source has now performed similar durability and drop tests on the vanilla Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+.

PBKreviews has published multiple videos about the Galaxy S23 series over the past week or so. One of those shows us a drop test of the Plus model. They began by dropping the phone from waist height with the screen facing down.

Unsurprisingly, the screen cracked after the first drop itself. However, the scratch marks aren’t as significant as on the Ultra model, which almost shattered. Since the Galaxy S23+ has a flat display, the metallic frame likely took some of the blow. The screen worked fine on both models, though.

The story is more or less the same when the phones were dropped from a similar height with their backs facing down. The Galaxy S23+ got notable damage to its rear glass panel, but the cracks were still bigger on the Ultra model.

Once again, the former’s flat rear design comes to the rescue. It ensured that the glass didn’t take all the blow. In the case of the latter, the curved rear panel doesn’t allow the frame to come into play during these drops. This leads to more significant cracks and damage.

The devices continue to work normally after the second drop as well. Dropping the phones on their sides also didn’t affect anything internally. The Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on the front and back, and Samsung‘s Armor Aluminum frame did their jobs. They ensured that the impact was external only. Unfortunately, notable external damage is inevitable on modern premium smartphones, which are glass sandwiches. You can check out the Galaxy S23+ drop test in the video below.

Galaxy S23 durability test

The YouTube channel also published a durability video of the vanilla Galaxy S23. While the smallest model wasn’t subjected to drop tests, it should fare similarly to the Plus model. As for the rest of the tests — water, scratch, and sand — the device performed on par with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Overall, Samsung’s latest flagships are pretty durable and should easily survive everyday wear and tear. Of course, there are stronger options out there if that is what you want. Samsung itself makes solid rugged smartphones. But if flagship-grade performance is your priority, there aren’t many better options than the Galaxy S23.


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