Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition launched with M3 E30 theme


Samsung has teamed up with BMW and SK Telecom to launch the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition. This limited-edition device is currently available for pre-order in the company’s homeland South Korea. It’s unclear if the firm plans to release it anywhere else.

Samsung launches the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition

The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition takes the 12GB+512GB storage variant of the phone and bundles it with some exclusive BMW-themed accessories, goodies, and customizations. The “special die-casting” package pays homage to the BMW M3 E30 launched in 1986. Samsung is offering a unique hard case for the phone featuring the hood design and the vertical kidney grille of the current 6th-generation M3 model, the BMW M3 G80.

Bundled in the box is a multi-key ring with seven types of detachable emblems that illustrated various generations of BMW cars, including the classic “BMW Motorsport” emblem commemorating the 50th anniversary of the BMW M brand. It also contains a BMW-themed car clock that you can plug into the air vent. Other items include a vehicle sunshade clip, air pump, metallic BMW sticker, poster, and a photo book that takes you through BMW’s history.

The customizations aren’t just external, though. Samsung and BMW have also developed a unique boot animation with a three-color stripe logo symbolizing BMW M. You get a BMW-themed wallpaper as well, while the BMW Vantage app comes pre-installed on the phone. In addition to this, all buyers will get a Starter Pack Voucher for the BMW Driving Center located in Incheon in South Korea. They will be able to learn some valuable safe driving tips and driving skills under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition 3

Price and availability

The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition is currently only available in South Korea. Samsung and BMW have made only 1,000 units of this limited-edition phone. They are available to pre-order from SK Telecom’s official online shop T World until February 13. The phone will be officially released on February 17, the same day the regular Galaxy S23 phones go on sale globally.

As for pricing, this limited edition phone costs KRW 1,727,000 (approx. USD 1,372) in South Korea. That’s negligibly more than the KRW 1,720,400 (approx. USD 1,367) price tag that the regular version of the 12GB+512GB Galaxy S23 Ultra costs in the country. So this is a pretty amazing deal for anyone interested in a BMW-themed smartphone. Unfortunately, the stock is limited and depleting fast. You need to hurry up. We will let you know if Samsung launches this BMW-inspired Galaxy S23 Ultra in the US.

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