Galaxy S24 Ultra concept has a different camera layout & flatter sides


A Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra concept design has surfaced on the Technizo Concept YouTube channel. This is not a leak or anything of the sort, of course, it’s just an imaginary phone, basically.

This Galaxy S24 Ultra concept has flatter sides and a different camera layout

This design is clearly inspired by the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but it’s not the same. The designer decided to change some things here. This phone has an entirely different camera design on the back, and even flatter sides than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Its rear cameras are all placed on a camera island in the top-left corner. One camera sensor is obviously larger than the others, and it’s the closest to the top-left corner.

The top and bottom sides are entirely flat here, and the sides are even flatter than on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S22 Ultra had curved sides, but Samsung decided to dial back a bit with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Well, the designer would love to see Samsung push that idea even further with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it seems.

The position of the S Pen silo remained the same here

All the physical buttons sit on the right-hand side of the phone, while a Type-C port is placed at the bottom. A silo for the phone’s stylus sits in the bottom-left corner, as it does on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The phone’s glass back is curved towards the sides, and the same goes for the phone’s display. That’s actually a similar approach to what Samsung did with the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The designer did not list any specs for the device, which is understandable, this is just a third-party design concept. The real device will look different, of course, and we probably won’t know what design will Samsung go with for quite some time. The Galaxy S23 Ultra arrived earlier this month, so… the Galaxy S24 Ultra won’t be in focus until late this year.


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