Galaxy users complain about battery drain after One UI 5.1 update


Samsung has been rolling out the One UI 5.1 update at a phenomenal pace. It’s been just about a week since the rollout began and most of the eligible Galaxy devices have already picked up the new One UI version. However, it appears the company overlooked a few things in trying to be speedier. Several users have found that the battery life has declined substantially after installing One UI 5.1. The update is causing an unnatural battery drain.

Over the past few days, Samsung’s official community forums as well as other online platforms have seen numerous complaints about battery life drain from Galaxy users who have updated their phones to the new One UI version. Both the standby time and screen time have come down drastically, almost halved for some. The devices are also heating up due to the rapid battery drain. Most Galaxy devices that received the One UI 5.1 update appear to be affected.

As of this writing, Samsung hasn’t officially acknowledged the problem. Meanwhile, its live chat support appears to be clueless, which isn’t surprising. All of this makes it a frustrating experience for affected users.

They can’t figure out what is causing the issue, or what to do. Some users have found that certain apps, particularly the Samsung keyboard, are consuming power at an unnaturally high rate (via). But there doesn’t seem to be a common pattern for everyone. At least not yet.

One UI 5.1 causing battery drain for Galaxy users

It isn’t uncommon for major software updates to cause battery drain on phones. Since the devices often undergo various optimizations following an update, they could consume power at a higher rate than usual. Things return to normal after a few days.

However, the battery drain that One UI 5.1 is causing on Galaxy devices appears to be a little too much. Worse yet, Samsung hasn’t said a word on the matter yet, leaving affected users frustrated.

It’s unclear if this is because of a buggy firmware build or if it’s a temporary problem that will automatically go away after some time. We will keep a close eye on the matter and let you know as soon as Samsung tells us something.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t installed One UI 5.1 yet, you might want to hold off on it for a few more days. That’s unless you’re okay with a decline in battery life. In that case, One UI 5.1 doesn’t seem to have any other notable bugs. The update brings a host of new features and improvements.


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