Galaxy Z Fold 5 won’t feature a built-in S Pen slot


Samsung‘s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 foldable smartphone will undoubtedly support the S Pen. But if you’re hoping to get a built-in silo to keep the accessory within the device, you’ll be disappointed. According to the latest reports coming out of South Korea, the company will not offer that ability on the new foldable.

After discontinuing the Galaxy Note lineup, Samsung brought the much-loved S Pen to its Galaxy S Ultra series flagships and Galaxy Z Fold series foldable. Last year, the company also added a dedicated S Pen slot to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra also features a holster to keep the stylus pen accessory. However, Samsung’s foldables don’t yet have that tiny little silo where the S Pen could slot in. The accessory is available as a separate purchase, and buyers must carry it separately too. It appears that won’t change with the arrival of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 as well.

Samsung sacrificed the S Pen slot to make the Galaxy Z Fold 5 slimmer

Samsung reportedly considered adding a dedicated S Pen slot to the Galaxy Z Fold 5. But that would have made the foldable thicker. And since the Korean firm is currently pushing to make these “unconventional” smartphones thinner so that they can easily fit in pockets, it decided not to include a built-in home for the accessory in this year’s Fold model. Making foldable slimmer is the company’s priority. It has even developed a new type of hinge to reduce the overall thickness of the phone, while simultaneously reducing the crease along the fold line on the inner folding display.

The Korean tech giant isn’t entirely giving up on the idea of including a built-in S Pen silo in future Galaxy Z Fold models, though. It reportedly has a plan ready to make that possible without increasing the thickness of the device. According to ET News, Samsung will make the S Pen thinner. In fact, it can already do that without compromising functionality. However, a thinner S Pen may be a bit uncomfortable to hold and use. It may not feel like writing with a regular pen. The company is now working on addressing that problem. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 may debut this new S Pen next year.

Despite lacking a dedicated S Pen slot, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 may bring other improvements. As said before, Samsung is looking to make the device thinner and also reduce the display crease. It should also get improved cameras, a newer processor, and a few other upgrades. We will keep you posted with all the latest information about the upcoming Samsung foldable.


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