Garena Free Fire Spooky Night Best survival Battle Royale on mobile!

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Garena Free Fire Spooky Night Best survival Battle Royale on mobile! Spooky Night. Garena Free Fire Spooky Night is a mobile game where players enter a battlefield where there is only one winner.

Free fire has being creating a Strom in the internet since its Inception. Free fire is a brilliant game where the gamer find himself among all the 49 players in a deserted island. The players are sent on a deserted island by an organization which is FF. There is only one way through which you have a chance to survive on this deserted island and that is by killing all the other 49 players.

Free fire is a brutal game but it is very entertaining. To survive on the island, it is a sure thing that you would need weapons. Do you know that free fire has introduced anumber of new weapons with the new feature and today we are going to talk about these weapons.


Garena Free Fire Spooky Night

Advanced attachment system:

The makers of free fire are trying their best not to leave any stone unturned. For this reason they have introduced new system which is called Advancedattachmentsystem.What is the use of this system?

Well the advanced attachment system increases the viability of weapons.  With the help of advanced attachment system now the weapons are much more potent, dangerous and dynamic. It is a common thing for players to not go for a step ahead whenthey get whatthey desire. With new feature and with this system the makers of free fire has made sure that the players go for higher achievements or higher weapons. The advanced attachment system is a lucky charm for the in-game weapons of free fire and players can take great help from them.

Now let’s talk about the electrical booster


Free fire has introduced a new electric booster with the name MP5. Back in the previous version the MP5 had been underestimated because of MP40 but now this amazing gun has a chance to win. This electrical booster has all the traits to win in the Island. It increases the productivity of the mid-range battles in an effective way.

FF Knife


Free Fire has new features andthey are definitely to die for. The makers of free fire have made sure that this time theywin the heart of audience in the best way possible. For this reason they have introduced a new knife which is called FF knife. This is probably the best knife to throw in action and it has all the qualities to survive in a battle in the brilliant and effective way.Talking about the damage ratio of this knife it is 9 9 9 9. One can charge this knife to a maximum three times and it provide the gamer with hundred percent accuracy.In free fire everyone is exposed to a lot of dangers on a deserted island. In such a scenario if anything can help then it is definitely FF knife.

Decoy Grenade


weapon DUMMYFree fire is all about using the right strategies and tactics. For this reason the makers of free fire has introduced a new weapon which is called the decoy grenade. It is the common saying that you don’t have to fire your weapon to bring the retaliation from your opponents. You can bring the retaliation without firing your own weapons and the decoy grenade works on this very principal. This amazing decoy grenade has being extremely potent in the free fire. Becauseof this weapon one can display his skills without actually firing. The best part about this grenadesis that, once it is deployed at a location then itstarts showing ared dot. It is all a façade but it’s potent. The opponents may think that you have actually deployed a grenade. This way they start fighting and eventually things went bad for them.

A new Shotgun, M1887

It’s been awhile since the makers of a free fire has introduced a new shotgun in the game but now the new shotgun is here and it has been named as M1887. The top most quality of this shotgun is that it is a 2 barrel shotgun and it is completely different from all the guns which are there in free fire. This extremely potent shotgun is very strong and it is even stronger in the mid to close range. There is only one week point in this shotgun and that is after the firing of two shells, the shotgun becomes vulnerable. Overall to kill the enemies, this is such an amazing addition. Talking about the damage ratio of this shotgun, it is 170, it’s clip size is 2, it’s ratio of fire is 0.45 and it has a range of 35.

Explosive Crossbow

Free fire already has tons of amazing crossbows but still they have comealong with the new crossbows which are more dangerous than the previous ones. The Gamers had this issue with the crossbows. They said that they had difficulty handling the bolt of the crossbow. In the new features, the makers of free fire has tackle this issue and they have recovered the crossbow in an effective. Now with the help of this explosive crossbows. it is said that when players don’t have anything with them then they can always take the help of these dangerous crossbows. The opponents have no idea how dangerous these crossbows can be. They can be used effectively in the battle to win against a 49 other players.

All the three siege machines

The new update of free fire has made it extremely easy for the players to win. In the new version and new update of free fire, players have this option of using all the three Siege machines. Not one, not two but all the three Siege machines. The players who know how to use the Siege machines have an edge Over The Other players and they have more chances of Survival as well. When you are stuck on a deserted island with a bunch of 49 other people then it is essential that you come with strong strategies. Using the three machines can be effective to win against your opponents. If you are looking for the best strategy to win against your opponents then use the Siege machines anyone you like.

New Graphics for the island

The deserted Island in free fire was already very horrible but now the makers of free fire have made sure that they give the creepy Vibe to the island in a creative way. Now when the players are fighting for their survival in the deserted Island then they are being shown that they are staying at a very horrible place. The graphics of the island are to die for now they are extremely creepy and violent. The bloodbath has made it a little more eerie.

Characters voice system

There are a lot of new features in free fire for all the Gamers. It is true that the makers have introduced a lot of new weapons but along with that they have also introduced characters voice system. Now eachcharacter have their own unique voices. It doesn’t matter which character you are playing with they come up with their own unique new voice.

The new update of free fire has proven to be extremely beneficial. It is wonderful for all those who are into brilliant graphics and weapons.

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