Google and Mercedes-Benz partner to improve the navigation experience


Google and Mercedes-Benz have gone into a strategic partnership that will help to improve the user navigation experience. The German luxury car brand is working hard to bring its next-generation navigation experience to vehicles. To make this possible, they will rely on the newly formed partnership with Google aimed at fostering innovation.

This partnership is a long-term endeavor that will bring great benefits to Mercedes-Benz owners around the world. As is already known, Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car brand with industry-leading technologies integrated into its vehicles. Now the brand is turning its attention to integrating a unique luxury feel into its digital experience.

Google will help the German automobile manufacturer achieve this digital luxury goal. This partnership will produce the first-of-its-kind experience for any luxury car brand. The new Google and Mercedes-Benz partnership will bring remarkable benefits to the public.

The benefits of this new Google and Mercedes-Benz partnership

Mercedes-Benz is currently working on its new operating system for the infotainment system and digital cockpit. This new platform will bring a ton of improvements to the overall user experience for the German automobile manufacturer vehicles. The partnership with Google will make Mercedes-Benz the first automobile manufacturer to build its own navigation experience.

With the coming Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS) users will be able to get detailed navigation based on the in-car data. Navigation details regarding places, real-time traffic, automatic re-routing and so on will be available with the new operating system. To make this possible, Mercedes-Benz will rely on the Google geospatial service.

This means that Google Maps will be integrated into the coming Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS). Its integration will also help improve Mercedes-Benz’s assisted driving system. With this, drivers will receive assistance from the car’s system concerning speed adjustment, lane keep assist, and so on while driving.

The Google and Mercedes-Benz partnership will also bring some core Google apps to the German automobile manufacturer’s infotainment system. Other benefits of this partnership include AI, data, and open infrastructure integration which will come to Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the future.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-Benz has referred to Google as the “very best partner” to help them achieve their goal. Both parties are optimistic about the outcome of this strategic partnership and how it will benefit users around the world.


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