Google Fiber 5 Gig services go live for just $125 a month


Google Fiber is beginning to push its 5 Gig service out to customers today. The service plan, which costs $125 a month, promises download and upload speeds of 5Gbps each. Making this the perfect plan for anyone with a huge demand for high amounts of internet usage and bandwidth.

Think multi-person households where everyone has at least one to two devices that are constantly connected to the internet. Which, isn’t that uncommon these days with all the different gaming consoles, gaming PCs, streaming TV boxes and more that can be under one roof. And that’s without factoring in a plethora of smart home appliances. The Google Fiber 5 Gig service was initially announced back in October of 2022. So there’s been a bit of a wait for those who will have the option to check out this plan.

That brings us to the downside of the roll out. It’s limited. Though this shouldn’t be too surprising as Google Fiber itself is limited and has been from the beginning.

Google Fiber 5 Gig services are rolling out to four cities across the US

While Google Fiber itself is available in more than four cities, the 5 Gig service plan will be limited to four. Those include both Salt Lake City and Provo in Utah, as well as West Des Moines, and finally Kansas City. Customers in those locations can sign up for the 5 Gig service plans today.

For anyone not in those four cities, Google does confirm that it will expand the 5 Gig to other cities in the future. It doesn’t way when though. Nor does it mention which cities it will come to next. That being said, if you live in a city that currently has Google Fiber, keep an eye out for the new plan.

Google will surely notify its current customers when things become available.


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