Google Photos is bringing new features for Google One Users


Google Photos has a set of powerful features that make it more than just a gallery app. As feature-rich as it is already, the company is adding some more useful tools for its users. There are some new Google Photos features coming for Google One Users.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google One, it’s the cloud storage subscription service for Google users. It gives you access to additional cloud storage for your files and photos. It combines your Google Photos, Drive, and Docs files into one pool.

The cheapest plan costs $1.99/month, and it gives you 100GB of storage to use. The next plan up gives you 200GB of storage for $2.99/month. The plans go up from there, so it could be useful if you need cloud storage.

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Google Photos has new features for Google One users

The first feature is one that’s been sought after since the launch of the Pixel 6. This phone introduced Google’s Magic Eraser feature. It allows you to select and remove items from your images. It uses Google’s AI, and it works pretty well.

This is a Pixel-exclusive feature, but the company is rolling the feature to more users. You’ll have access to the feature if you’re a Google One user. This goes for both Android and iOS users.

Next, the company is bringing the HDR effect to videos. Right now, you can use the HDR effect photos to create a more balanced image. It can help make a more compelling image, and it’s now coming to videos. The company will us its AI to help create a better-looking and more balanced video.

If you’re into making collages, you’ll like these features. Firstly, you’ll be able to add effects to single images in your collage. This gives you more flexibility when putting them together. Secondly, Pixel users with Google One will have access to more effects.

Lastly, if you’re a Google One user, and you use Google Photos to print your photos, you can get free shipping. You’ll get free shipping if you’re a member in the US, Canada, The European Union, or the UK. Just know that there is a payment threshold. This means that your order will need to reach a certain price to qualify.

Google is rolling out these features, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for them.


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