Google Pixel Fold to be heavier than the Galaxy Z Fold 4


According to a new report, the Google Pixel Fold may be heavier than we thought. This handset may be heavier than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. This information comes from 9to5Google, and was provided by “a source”.

The Pixel Fold may be heavier than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but pack a larger battery

For comparison’s sake, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 weighs 263 grams, so the Pixel Fold will weigh more than that. It will also include a larger battery based on this report, however. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 features a 4,400mAh battery. The Pixel Fold will seemingly have a battery size that is closer to, but still well below 5,000mAh.

When it comes to size, the Pixel Fold is tipped to feature a style similar to the OPPO Find N2. It will be around the same height at 140mm, but it will be wider by 7mm. The Find N2 is 72.6mm wide, so the Pixel Fold could be almost 80mm wide when folded.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4, once again, for comparison’s sake, is 67.1mm wide when folded, but it’s a lot taller at 155.1mm. This obviously points to the fact that the Pixel Fold will be similar in style to the Find N2, as it will have a more landscape-orientation main display when unfolded.

That main display is supposed to comfortably fit two apps side-by-side for proper multitasking. Its UI will also hopefully be well-optimized thanks to Google’s recent efforts focused on tablets and foldables.

The Pixel Fold will have a similar style to the OPPO Find N2, but be larger still

Considering the added width of the Pixel Fold, its main display will be larger than the Find N2’s main display. We don’t know the exact size, but the Find N2’s panel measures 7.1 inches, and this one will be larger than that.

The cover display will also be larger in diagonal than the Find N2’s due to its added width. So it will be larger than 5.54 inches for sure.

We still don’t know when will the Pixel Fold launch, but it’s rumored to arrive during Google I/O or alongside the Pixel 8 series later this year. The latter seems like a more probable outcome.


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