Google TV Unveils Major Update for a More User-Friendly Home Screen Experience


Google TV is announcing its first major update today, for 2023. Which includes a few changes to the home screen, making it more user-friendly, to switch between tabs and such on your TV. These changes will start rolling out today to Google TV devices.

Basically, here’s what’s happening. Google TV is adding a brand new Family page, which will suggest content that have ratings of PG or lower. That means it’ll be content that’s suitable for the entire family, including the kids. It is also adding an Espanol page that will suggest Spanish-language entertainment. This includes movies, shows, telenovelas and live TV.

Google TV is also adding a few new pages, that were previously tabs. That includes the Movies page, which enables movie lovers to browse through thousands of movies by title, genre, or topic. It’ll also give you personalized recommendations. And Google is doing the same thing for The Shows tab. Giving you access to your favorite shows, discover new releases and get recommendations for other shows too.

These will all show on the “For You” Page

Now, on the For You page, you will see the apps, continue watching, and stuff at the top, and below that there will be a new section for “Explore even more”. This is where you’ll see Movies, Shows, Family and Espanol. Just click on one of those to explore more, as the heading says.

This should make it easier to find content to watch, whether you’re looking for something that the whole family can watch, or just for yourself. When it comes to TV operating systems, companies like Google are always looking to make it easier to find new shows to watch, or movies. Spend less time looking for content, and more time watching that content. And this update should help with that.


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