Hackers make stolen Activision data publicly available


Recent reports bring to light claims that stolen Activision data is currently on sale on the dark web. The security breach that made this data available to hackers happened last year. Now the hackers responsible for the breach are putting up the stolen data for sale.

Those affected by the security breach are mainly Activision employees. Their personal information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and private addresses was revealed after this breach. According to the available reports, this hack revealed over 20,000 employee records.

If that figure is correct, then the data breach impacted more than the already known 13,000 Activision workforce. This security compromise is a big issue and a threat to employee data protection. But, Activision claims that the security breach is not serious.

Stolen Activision data mainly comprises employee personal data

In December 2022, Activision got hit by a security breach. This gave away some personal information about the gaming company’s employees. The hackers responsible for this breach claimed that they pulled it off using the Activision content delivery network on the Azure platform.

To get Activision employee data, the hacker made use of a process that is known as smishing. This is simply an SMS phishing campaign that aims at making the target reveal their personal information. Sadly, an HR employee at Activision fell for this shady trap, hence revealing the personal information of other workers.

Through this means, the hacker made away with the personal data of over 20,000 employees. Now, these employees face the threat of their information getting into other wrong hands. This is because the hacker is currently offering this data to users of a certain hacker’s forum.

Activision has now come out to say that no employee data was stolen during this security breach. The company is still yet to respond to the hackers threatening to sell the stolen data. This is despite some cybersecurity researchers gaining access to the Activision employee data up for sale on the dark web.

These researchers claim that the hackers stole more than employee data. Information on upcoming games such as marketing material was also stolen in this security breach. Activision says that such marketing data isn’t important and assures its customers that their personal information remains intact.


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