HONOR intros first silicon-carbon battery with higher energy density


HONOR announced three new smartphones yesterday, the Magic5, Magic5 Pro, and the Magic Vs. All of those are global devices announced at MWC 2023. That being said, HONOR also announced the very first silicon-carbon battery with higher energy density during that event.

HONOR has introduced the very first silicon-carbon battery which offers higher energy density

The announcement of that battery kind of flew under the radar, as there was plenty to say during the event. It did not get the attention it needs, which is why we’re talking about it separately.

It’s not exactly a secret that basically every aspect of a smartphone is evolving at an incredible pace, well, except its batteries. This silicon-carbon battery does present an improvement, though, at least on paper.

So, what’s the gist? Well, this battery promises a 12.8% higher energy density compared to lithium batteries. To put that into perspective… the HONOR Magic5 Pro features a 5,100mAh battery. If it used a silicon-carbon battery, it would have a 5,450mAh capacity instead, with the same footprint.

It offers a 12.8% higher energy density than lithium batteries

A standard lithium battery doesn’t have much left in it once its voltage drops to 3.5 volts. That’s why silicon-carbon is so important, as it has 240% more capacity left at 3.5V compared to standard lithium batteries. That basically leads towards a 12.8% improvement.

You may think that this is just a concept, that we’re still far away from this, as we were so many times in the past when it comes to battery tech. Well, that’s not exactly true. It seems like the Magic5 Pro in China already uses this battery.

HONOR didn’t exactly talk about this on stage, but the Chinese model has a 5,450mAh battery on the inside. It has the same dimensions and everything as the global model, though. So, it obviously has brand-new battery tech.

This indicates that HONOR actually made it a reality already, that it’s not just in a testing phase. We’re not sure why the global variant doesn’t have it, though, it’s a shame. That 5,100mAh battery on the inside of the device should provide you with plenty of juice, though.


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