HONOR teases upcoming Magic5 Pro flagship via short videos


HONOR has released a series of short videos to tease its upcoming Magic5 Pro flagship. That device will launch really soon, on February 27, as part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

HONOR released a series of short videos to tease the arrival of Magic5 Pro flagship

That being said, the company shared four videos via YouTube for us to check out. Each of these clips has a duration of around 20 seconds, they’re upbeat, and straight to the point. HONOR Is basically trying to tease some of the phone’s features here.

The company does show us the phone’s front side in these clips. So you can easily see that the device has a pill-shaped camera cutout in the top-left corner of the display. You’ll also notice that the display is curved, and that the bezels are quite minimal.

That being said, the first video is called “HONOR Magic5 Pro | Snapshot. Not snapped”. The Magic5 Pro is supposed to have a really fast shutter and processing in low light, so that you don’t miss the moment you’re trying to capture. HONOR refers to it as “lightning-fast night mode capture”.

The phone’s camera will seemingly be able to take photos in a blink of an eye

The second video is called “HONOR Magic5 Pro | Snap the Best Side”. This video teases the phone’s AI-enhanced camera, it would seem, which makes this camera great for capturing moving moments in general.

The third video is titled “HONOR Magic5 Pro | Epic Nights should Last Longer”. This one is also quite straightforward, it focuses on the phone’s battery life. The Magic5 Pro will allegedly bring outstanding battery life.

It will also include an immensely bright display

The last video HONOR presented is titled “HONOR Magic5 Pro | Brighter is happier”. It emphasizes the phone’s display, as that panel will seemingly be extremely bright.

We’ll know far more about the HONOR Magic5 Pro in a couple of days, once HONOR officially announces the device. We may get more teasers in the meantime, though.


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