How Android 14 Will Let You Clone Apps to Make It Easier to Manage Multiple Accounts


A few Android phones already support app cloning, but the feature looks set to be offered natively in Android 14. Here’s how it will work.

One of the dreams of Android users has long been for the OS to support multiple app installs for different accounts. One tap to log in and post on your novelty Hulk Hogan Reddit account. One tap to manage your Howie Mandel-themed Etsy shop.

That dream may soon become a reality thanks to a feature found in the Developer Preview 1 build of Android 14 called “App Cloning”.

Use App Cloning in Android 14 to Sign In to Multiple Accounts

XDA managed to find Cloned Apps’ feature page. The site reports that the page describes the feature as allowing the user to “create a second instance of an app so that you can use two accounts at the same time.” App cloning functionality, confirmed.

cloned apps android 14 xda

Keep in mind that Cloned Apps is in Android 14 Developer Preview 1. There’s no official guarantee that it will be available once the first stable build of Android 14 lands on your device later this year. But if/when it is ready to use (and we assume it’s a matter of “when” and not “if”), XDA’s screenshots clearly showcase how the process will work.

Choose the app you want to clone on the Cloned Apps screen. Wait for the copy to become available, open it, and log in via your preferred credentials. This eliminates logging in and out of websites and apps, or juggling two different devices for the sake of usability. Now, you’ll have two apps for two different logins on one device. Okay, now we’re excited.

App Cloning in Android Has Been Traditionally Inconsistent

App cloning isn’t new to Android. We’ve mentioned before how to install two copies of the same app on Android. Maybe you’ve done it yourself via third-party cloning apps that install the same Android app twice like Dual Space.

But not all apps can be cloned using third-party services. The results can also be hit-or-miss. Now that Google seems to be officially supporting app cloning and managing multiple accounts on a single device, it will bring consistency and functionality to a feature that has desperately needed core Android integration for years.

Already, this feature looks easier to use than other app cloning solutions you can find on Google Play.

Manage Multiple Accounts With Ease in Android 14

Managing multiple accounts on Android phones is a pain. But Google has a chance to end that with Cloned Apps. If you want to clone a particular app and assign two accounts to each app, keep your eye on this new and exciting feature that’s poised to come your way, courtesy of Android 14!


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