How Apps and Online Tools Can Help You Increase Testosterone


Testosterone is often associated with masculinity and male characteristics. However, increasing testosterone can have positive effects on the well-being of both men and women. It has been associated with various health effects, including improved muscle mass and strength, increased bone density, improved mood and cognitive function, and better cardiovascular health, among others.

Testosterone levels can be influenced through various methods, including exercise, diet, and sleep. Read on to learn how your tech can play a role in maintaining and elevating testosterone levels.

Choose the Right Exercises for Higher Testosterone Levels

A report by Harvard Health Publishing describes the various roles testosterone plays in both men and women. This article also explains several of the potential downsides of having too little testosterone: loss of muscle mass, weak bones, and increased body fat.

Exercise is one way to promote higher testosterone levels, at least temporarily. According to the American Council on Exercise, if you want to maximize testosterone production, you’ll want to focus on compound exercises with between 8–10 reps and 4–6 sets using a moderate to explosive level of intensity. Examples include dead lifts, clean and jerks, and squats.

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To learn more about how to do these exercises with proper form and reps, consider using apps for building muscle. Or, if you’re looking for routines focused on compound lifting, check out the Stronglifts website, which was founded by a professional powerlifter who’s been lifting weights for over 20 years.

StrongLifts is a great place to start, as it has workout routines for beginners and advanced weightlifters. You can also sign up for daily emails that include tips and tricks on using good form and staying motivated. If you want to access StrongLifts on the go, check out the Stronglifts mobile app. It includes over 100 instructional videos, a warmup and plate calculator, an automatic rest timer, and automatic progression charts.

The American Council on Exercise also recommends separating weightlifting from cardio to maximize testosterone production, and it encourages getting plenty of rest after lifting. That said, cardiovascular exercises such as running and cycling provide a host of benefits such as increased endurance, so you’ll still want to include them on a different day.

Research published in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation suggests that to get the most testosterone-producing benefits from your cardio workouts, you should consider replacing steady-state cardio activities with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Several apps and online HIIT classes will help you squeeze in a quick workout without leaving your home. For example, Rumble Boxing combines boxing drills and strength training to create a form of HIIT unlike any other.

It’s not as simple as eating certain foods and watching your testosterone levels rise. However, different foods will act on the body in different ways, and you can use this knowledge to affect testosterone levels.

Research in the Journal of Men’s Health showed that some foods and food supplements do influence testosterone levels. According to research cited by Daniel Gwartney, M.D., common foods that appear to promote testosterone production are oysters, eggs, beef, garlic, and broccoli as these foods are high in zinc, cholesterol, B vitamins, and arachidonic acid. Gwartney also points out that consuming foods such as green tea and soy appears to hinder testosterone production.

If you have trouble keeping track of what you’ve eaten over the past week or need new recipe ideas, check out MyFitnessPal or Mealime (which is great for beginners in the kitchen). These apps will help you plan your meals including your caloric intake so that you’re feeding your body the right kinds and right amounts of fuel.

Meanwhile, the Foodnoms app is another great option for general food logging, but this app also lets you track your intake of various micronutrients with a high level of detail, so you can plan meals down to exact measurements. Simply tap on an ingredient or food you’ve added to your log and scroll down past the Calories & Macros section. You’ll find information on vitamins, minerals, and a breakdown of lipids that the food contains.

Another way to support your body in producing more testosterone is to avoid overeating and unhealthy weight gain. Research published in the Clinical Endocrinology journal reported that some obese males have up to 50 percent less testosterone than those who are not overweight. To avoid a decrease in testosterone levels, prioritize a healthy diet and make sure it includes high-protein recipes.

If you prefer to get protein from meat but find yourself struggling to achieve the perfect doneness of fish, chicken, or beef, consider picking up one of the best sous vide machines. Then, look for healthy recipes on one of many sous vide recipe apps to cook up delicious, healthy, testosterone-supporting meals.

Rest Up for Increased Testosterone

In a small-sample study published by the American Medical Association, testosterone levels decreased by 10–15% in men who underwent 1 week of sleep restriction to 5 hours per night. This means if you’re under-sleeping, you’re likely putting your body at a disadvantage when it comes to testosterone production.

Amazon Halo Rise on table
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Thankfully, there are many ways technology can help you get a good night’s sleep. For example, the Amazon Halo Rise is a contactless sleep tracker that uses radio signals, AI, and various sensors to monitor your sleep and provide you with an astounding array of data about your Zs. Of course, you can also choose one of the several types of wearable devices to track your sleep, each of which offers a suite of features that address different needs and preferences.

And for those of you who struggle with sleep to the point of insomnia, there are apps for battling sleeplessness with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a technique recommended by the American College of Physicians to battle insomnia. For example, the Restful app will teach you multiple techniques for improving your sleep quality and duration.

Boosting Testosterone With Apps and Technology

Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in a variety of physiological processes in the body. While there is no magic bullet for cranking up the testosterone, you can actively influence several factors believed to contribute to healthy testosterone levels. Use the app and tech recommendations above to help you learn to lift heavy weights using compound exercises, maintain a healthy protein-rich diet, and get a great night’s sleep.


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