How to buy the Samsung Galaxy S23


Now that the Galaxy S23 is official, you might be wondering, when can you pre-order it? And even better yet, when can you get it in your hands? Well, the good news is that you won’t have to wait long.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 start today, in fact they are open right now. Samsung says that they will arrive by February 17. Now this will be the same, no matter where you buy the Galaxy S23.

So what about pre-order bonuses? And where can you get the best deal for the Galaxy S23? That’s what we’re here to help you with. Now the one deal that we do know is everywhere is, the storage upgrade. So you can get the 256GB model for the price of the 128GB model. Which is pretty sweet.


AT&T is offering $1,000 off of the new Galaxy S23 series when you trade-in your phone. This means that customers can get a Galaxy S23 or S23+ for “free” with eligible trade-in. Or get the Galaxy S23 Ultra for just $199.

This was the pre-order special, minus the free storage upgrade, so still a good time to buy the Galaxy S23.


When you pre-order from, you can purchase a carrier-locked phone or an unlocked one. Which will work on all three US carriers. You also get to choose from the colors. This year, those include Lime, Graphite, Sky Blue and Red.

Samsung is still offering some sweet deals for the Galaxy S23. Where you can get up to $1,000 off depending on your carrier and your trade-in. That’s a pretty sweet deal for any of the three Galaxy S23 models.


T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy S23 and S23+ for free or $1,000 off the S23 Ultra when you add a line, or switch to T-Mobile. As well as with a trade-in. So plenty of ways to get a Galaxy S23 at a decent price.



Verizon is selling the Galaxy S23 with up to $800 off via trade-in. Which is really sweet since it can be a broken or cracked device as well. So it doesn’t need to be in perfect condition. That’s definitely a good thing here. That means you can get the Galaxy S23 for “free”, the S23 Plus for $200, or the Galaxy S23 Ultra for $400.



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