How to change the Color Palette on Samsung Galaxy S23


Samsung has really made Google’s Material You look great on its Galaxy smartphones. It allows you to change the color palette to match your wallpaper, which looks incredible. And with Android 13, Google added more options for the color palette, which means that One UI 5.1 – which comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S23 – has them as well. So in this article, we’re going to show you how you can change the color palette for the icons and accents throughout the OS.

The Color Palette basically takes out the dominant colors from your wallpaper, and uses them throughout the system. So you’ll see them in the icons of course, but also on the sliders and quick settings and in apps that support Material You. Many Google apps do support it, though some haven’t been updated yet. Because of course they haven’t. But it does make your Galaxy S23 look a lot more unique. There’s tons of different shades of colors available that you can use as well.

How to change the Color Palette on the Galaxy S23

First off, long-press on your home screen. Then tap on Wallpaper & Style.

Or, you can head into Settings. Then tap on Wallpaper & Style.

From there, scroll down to “Color Palette” and tap on that.

Screenshot 20230217 095722 Wallpaper and style Medium

Now, you’ll see a neutral option on the left, which keeps things pretty plain and simple. The other color palettes are taken from your wallpaper. So depending on your wallpaper, you may see different colors here.

Tap on the Color Palette you want to use – you can tap on each one to see how it’ll look. Then Tap on “Apply”.

That’s it. That’s just how easy it is to change up the accent colors around your Galaxy S23, or really any Samsung phone that is running on Android 12 and One UI 4 or later.


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