How to Download and Install Among Us Mods


Among Us is an online game, so installing mods can be a little trickier than other games. Despite that, it is possible, and there’s a range of high-quality mods for you to explore.

Stuck on how to install mods for Among Us? Let’s look at setting up, installing, and where to find mods for Innersloth’s hit game.

Required Files for Modding Among Us

screenshot of bepinex files

The first thing you’ll need is the latest release of BepInEx Bleeding Edge. This is what allows you to load mods in the first place, and it’s easy enough to install.

Head over to the GitHub page for BepInEx Bleeding Edge. Find the latest release and make sure you grab the file titled BepInEx_UnityIL2CPP_x86. You may want to bookmark this page in case you need to update BepInEx in the future.

If the collection of files looks like the above picture, you downloaded the right one. All you have to do is extract these files to the installation directory of Among Us. Then, run the game at least once.

If you’re not sure where Among Us is located, you can follow a similar process as you would when finding the installation location of any Windows program.

If you’re playing Among Us on Mac, you may be out of luck as far as modding goes. The modding framework that Among Us uses depends on the Windows operating system, and many mods will only work on Windows.

How to Install Among Us Mods

screenshot of bepinex files installed in the among us directory

Now that you have BepInEx installed, and your installation directory looks similar to the above picture, you can find some mods and load them up.

Among Us mods can be found all over the internet, but GitHub has the largest collection of them. Check out the topics page for Among Us mods on GitHub to have a browse of them.

We’ll install the BetterPolus mod (GitHub), a straightforward upgrade of an existing map. Most mods for Among Us will offer a standalone installation, or an All-In-One pack, as BetterPolus does.

Because we’ve already installed BepInEx, you’ll want to grab the standalone version. Mods will come as a single .dll file in most cases. This needs to be copied into BepInEx/Plugins.

These folders will be found in your Among Us installation directory if you’ve run Among Us at least once since installing BepInEx. Once you have a .dll file in that plugins folder, your game should run the mod the next time you launch.

How to Check That Your Among Us Mods Are Working

screenshot of the mod tag in among us

You’ve done the hard stuff, now this is the easy part. You’ll know if your mods are working if you see a new icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. This icon will be of a crew mate and be labeled simply Mod.

If you see this icon, you’re currently running mods. So go ahead and play around with your newly installed mod. In the case of BetterPolus, load up a game on Polus and enjoy all the changes.

Note that only you can see the changes of your own mods. If you want to run a game on BetterPolus, you’ll need to make sure everyone is running that mod as well. Otherwise, the game will be out of sync, and you’ll see a different map from everyone else.

Additionally, some servers may remove you, sometimes automatically, if you join with mods loaded. This is usually to prevent cheating, so make sure you’re playing with a mod-friendly group.

Among Us Mods Are Unsupported, but Great Fun Regardless

It can be a little tricky, but with the right files in the right place, Among Us mods run well enough and can enhance your game experience greatly.

Keep your eye out on GitHub and other places for great mods to try out, and remember to update BepInEx whenever Among Us gets an update. This will ensure your mods continue to run perfectly.


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