How to Find and Install DLC on Steam for Games You Own


There are a lot of mixed feelings around them, but DLCs have made their way into the gaming industry and are here to stay. Even if most DLCs are not free, you might be looking for one to add to the fun of playing your favorite video game.

Fortunately, Steam has a couple of tools to help you find and install DLCs for games you already own.

How to Find Steam DLCs for Games You Already Own

There are a couple of ways to find new DLCs and add new levels, features, characters, weapons, and more to your game. We’ll take a closer look at each of them.

Use the DLC Discovery Hub

The Steam DLC Discovery Hub is an experimental feature designed to help gamers by providing a custom list of additional content that might interest you. The list is based on games you already own and takes into consideration which games you’ve played the most or most recently.

DLC discovery hub on Steam

When tailoring the list, the DLC Discovery Hub doesn’t consider the games in your Steam wishlist.

On the Steam website, you can see the list of suggestions by going to Your Store > DLC For You. At the top of the page, Steam will show popular DLC for the games you own.

Find DLCs on Steam

The list isn’t based on your personal preferences. It just shows a list of DLCs that are hot right now. It may show suggestions for games that you haven’t played in a while or even for Steam games that you plan to refund.

If you want suggestions based on more relevant data, scroll down to the next section. There, Steam will suggest DLCs by which game you’ve played last or by which game in your library you’ve played most.

Steam DLCs recommendations

This is a great way to discover new content for old games that you really enjoyed, but haven’t played in a while.

Check Available DLCs From the Steam App

If you want to search for DLCs for a specific game in your library, you can do it through the Steam app. Select the game and click DLC.

Check DLCs on Steam app

This option has the advantage that you can apply search filters for better results, check upcoming releases, and look for discounts, if you’re trying to get the best deals on Steam games.

How to Install DLCs on Steam

If you decide to get the DLC from Steam, the process is similar to buying a new game.

Buy game DLC on Steam

Click the Add to cart button and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the purchase. On the receipt page, click Install content.

If you don’t want to install the DLC right now, but didn’t want to miss the discount, you can install it later. Here’s how you can manage your list of purchased DLCs:

Launch the Steam app.

  1. Select the game.
  2. Head to Manage > Properties.
  3. In the pop-up window, select DLC.

Manage DLCs on Steam

Steam will show you the DLCs you already own, which one is installed, when you’ve added it to your library, and the DLC size. To install the DLC, check the box below Install.

How to Install a DLC to Steam From a Different Platform

You can purchase DLCs from another game vendor, and add them to your Steam library. Most of the time, the seller will email you the product key. So, before installing the DLC, make sure you own the product key.

Add DLC to Steam

Launch the Steam app and go to Games > Activate a Product on Steam. In the pop-up window, click Next to accept the Steam subscriber agreement. Then, enter the product code and click Next to start the installation.

How to Uninstall a DLC From Steam

Not all DLCs make playing the game more entertaining. Some might add unnecessary skins, tools, or even an annoying soundtrack. Some might even say that you shouldn’t buy DLCs at all.

To uninstall a game DLC, access the list of DLCs as shown above. Then, uncheck the DLC that you want to install. Steam will quickly update the game so that the next time you play, the DLC is no longer spoiling the experience.

Get New Content on Steam With DLCs

Hopefully, our guide will help you find even more content for your favorite games. If you’re not in a hurry, you should wait for Steam sales to get a significant discount.

But if you have to wait until the next DLC becomes available to purchase, you could use Steam Interactive Recommender to discover the perfect game for you.


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