How to Fix the Camera App’s 0xA00F429F Error in Windows 10 & 11


If the 0xA00F429F error is keeping you from joining in on video calls, here’s how to fix it on Windows.

Webcams are essential for video conference calls and making videos. However, some users can’t use their webcams with the Windows Camera app because of the 0xA00F429F error. The error shows a “Can’t start your camera” message with the code 0xA00F429F (and 0x887A0004) in the Windows Camera app.

That issue can be a big inconvenience for users who often utilize the Camera app. If error 0xA00F429F is preventing you from recording with the Camera app, here is how you can fix it in Windows 11 and 10.

1. Enable Webcam Access for the Affected Apps

You can’t use your PC’s webcam with Windows Camera if camera access for apps is disabled. So, check the basic camera access settings for apps are enabled in Windows before anything else. You can enable webcam app access within Windows 11′ Settings like this:

  1. Press Win + I to access the Settings app quickly.
  2. Select Privacy & security to view navigation options for that tab.
  3. Click Camera to go to bring up the app access settings for the webcam.
    The Camera navigation option

  4. Turn on Camera access if that setting isn’t enabled.
    The Camera access option

  5. Then toggle on the Windows Camera app access setting.

The Settings app’s layout is a little different in Windows 10, but you can still configure camera access much the same. Click Privacy > Camera in Windows 10’s Settings app to reach the required options. Then click the Change button to turn on the Camera access for this device option.

2. Enable and Start the Windows Camera Frame Server Service

Error 0xA00F429F can often be due to a disabled Windows Camera Frame Server service. Some users who’ve needed to resolve the 0xA00F429F error have confirmed that enabling and starting the service fixed the issue. This is how you can enable and start the Windows Camera Frame Server service:

  1. To open the Windows Services app, press Win + R. Then input the services.msc Run command and click OK to view Services.
  2. Double-click Windows Camera Frame Server to open that service’s properties window.
  3. Select an Automatic startup option for Windows Camera Frame Server.
    The Automatic startup type option

  4. Click Start (in the properties window) if the Windows Camera Frame Server service isn’t running.
  5. Select the Log on tab for the service.
    The Local System account option

  6. Click the Local System account checkbox if that option isn’t selected.
  7. Press the Windows Camera Frame Server service’s Apply button.
  8. Click OK to exit.

3. Edit the Platform Registry Key

Another confirmed fix for error 0xA00F429F is to edit the Platform registry key by creating a new EnableFrameServerMode DWORD. If you’re not entirely comfortable with editing the registry, you can create a registry backup in Windows first before proceeding with this potential solution. Just make sure you tweak the registry exactly as follows:

  1. Open Registry Editor by launching Run (Win + R), inputting regedit.exe, and selecting OK.
  2. Clear whatever path is in Registry Editor’s address bar, and input the following key location:
     Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows Media Foundation\Platform 
  3. Right-click the Platform key and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    The DWORD (32-bit) Value option

  4. Then input EnableFrameServerMode in the DWORD’s name box.
  5. Double-click the EnableFrameServerMode DWORD.
  6. Set the EnableFrameServerMode value to 0 and click OK.
    The Edit DWORD window

  7. Restart Windows before opening Windows Camera again.

4. Reset the Camera App

One of the best ways to resolve issues with the Camera app is to reset it. So, it’s recommended users try doing that to fix error 0xA00F429F.

You can clear the data for Windows Camera as covered in our how to reset apps in Windows 10 and 11 guide. While you’re at it, you can also try selecting Camera’s Repair option if resetting the app doesn’t make a difference.

The Reset option for the Camera app

5. Allow the Camera App Through Windows Defender Firewall

Another possible reason for error 0xA00F429F is the Windows DefenderfFirewall, which could be blocking the Camera app’s connectivity. So, check your firewall’s settings to make sure that the Windows Camera app is allowed through it.

Our guide on allowing apps through the Windows Defender firewall provides full instructions for how to apply this resolution.

The Allowed apps through firewall settings

The same also applies to users who’ve installed third-party firewalls or antivirus software packages that include them. Check the app permission list for any third-party firewall, and select to permit Windows Camera through it.

6. Disable the Camera Shields in Third-Party Antivirus Software Packages

Also, note that some antivirus software packages have camera shields that prevent apps from accessing webcams. For example, Avast Premium Security is one such antivirus tool that incorporates a Webcam Shield feature. If you have installed third-party antivirus software, check to see if it has such a camera shield and disable it if it’s enabled.

7. Update Your Webcam’s Driver

The error 0xA00F429F message suggests updating camera drivers as a potential solution for this issue. That highlights this error can arise because of an outmoded or faulty camera device driver on your PC. So, try updating the driver for your PC’s webcam if it needs updating.

The Driver Booster window

The easiest way to check for outdated device drivers and update them on your PC is to utilize driver updater software. Such apps will scan your PC and tell you if your camera driver needs updating. Our Driver Booster guide includes instructions for updating drivers with that software. Or you can utilize any of the free alternatives in our best free driver updaters post.

8. Reinstall Windows Camera App

If there’s something wrong with the Camera app, reinstalling it will likely fix the issue. The option for uninstalling Camera in Settings is grayed out. Nevertheless, you can still uninstall that app via PowerShell and reinstall it like this:

  1. Open Run, type PowerShell into that app’s command box, and select OK.
  2. Then enter and execute this command to remove the Camera app:
     Get-AppxPackage *camera* | Remove-AppxPackage 
    The remove Camera app PowerShell command

  3. Select Restart on the Power button.
  4. Open the Windows Camera Microsoft Store page in a web browser.
  5. Click Windows Camera’s Get in Store app button.
  6. Select Open in Microsoft Store inside the little dialog box that appears.
    The Windows Camera app page in MS Store

  7. Click Get in the MS Store app to reinstall the Camera app.

Record With Your Camera App Again on Windows

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use your webcam with Windows Camera again after applying the potential error 0xA00F429F solutions above. They’re among the most widely confirmed fixes to have resolved error 0xA00F429F for many users. So, there’s a good chance one has done the trick for you.


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