How to Make the Most of Apple Fitness+ Using Just Your iPhone


While Apple’s Fitness+ was introduced as a feature that required an Apple Watch, in iOS 16.1 and later, the Fitness+ subscription service is also available to iPhone users—no Apple Watch needed. This is welcome news to the much larger community of iPhone users without Apple Watches, who can now access this excellent exercise platform via the devices they already own.

If you’re considering entering the Apple Fitness+ world via your iPhone, you may be wondering what it has to offer. Here’s all you need to know about getting started with Apple Fitness+.

Where to Find and Subscribe to Apple Fitness+ on iPhone

You’ll find Apple Fitness+ right on your iPhone, in a dedicated tab in the Fitness app. If you don’t have the Fitness app installed on your device, download the Fitness app from the App Store. It’s also available if you’re using an iPad or Apple TV.

The Fitness app is free, but Apple Fitness+ is a subscription service, and you can choose to subscribe for a monthly or annual fee. You may find that the Apple One bundle better suits your needs, as it combines an Apple Fitness+ subscription with Apple Music, Arcade, News+, TV+, and iCloud+ for one fee.

If you purchase an Apple product, you’ll generally get access to a free trial period of Apple Fitness+. Look out for these offers, as they are the best way to decide for yourself whether the service is worth subscribing to.

What Type of Exercise Can You Do on Apple Fitness+ for iPhone?

Apple Fitness+ contains one of the largest libraries of workouts and meditations available on any fitness app. No matter your fitness level or preferred exercise style, there’s sure to be something to suit you.

Apple Fitness+ workouts come in 12 types, with more being added regularly.

In 2023, the Apple Fitness+ catalog numbered over 3,000 workouts, with fresh additions each week. At the top of the Fitness+ section of the app, you’ll always see a short This Week video, where one of the instructors outlines what’s new for you. You can choose your workout according to type, duration, and trainer.

Expert trainers guide you through each exercise, with two additional guides to demonstrate modifications. If you’re new to the type of training, you can try an easier variation. If you want a tougher challenge, there are often ways to take it to the next level.

As you work out, you’ll see a clear timer and coaching instructions on screen, and you can even see that red Move ring shift as you work towards your daily target. (You’ll need an Apple Watch to show your Stand and Exercise rings.)

Meditation Features of Apple Fitness+ on iPhone

On your iPhone, you’ll find plenty of mindful yoga and pilates programs, and you should always try to make time for one of the unique Apple Fitness+ Mindful Cooldowns after any workout.

You’ll find a dedicated Meditation section within Apple Fitness+ offering more meditations and mindful moments than many other apps that exist solely for that purpose. The Meditations are divided into four areas:

  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Resilience
  • Sleep

As with the exercise options, you can select your preferred meditation on your iPhone by choosing theme, trainer, and duration.

Apple Fitness+ Programs and Collections on the iPhone

Some fitness apps with many different exercise types can look a little daunting at first. Even if your fitness is good, finding the best place to start can be hard. Apple Fitness+ tackles this well with its series of Programs and Collections, so it’s easy to get started on iPhone.

If you want to develop a fitness habit, take on an extended challenge, or work towards a particular fitness goal, you’ll certainly want to browse this section to see if any suit your individual needs. The curated Collections section in Apple Fitness+ bundles workouts into series with particular themes, such as Level Up Your Core Training or Start Your Day With Energy and Gratitude.

The workout programs are perfect if you have specific exercise needs, with sections for exercise during pregnancy and post-natal exercise. The Beginners program is an ideal starting point to explore this vast catalog.

Additional features you can access on your iPhone include two series of audio-guided walks and runs featuring celebrities and inspirational characters in iconic locations. These programs, called Time to Walk and Time to Run, are available to stream and download for offline listening on your iPhone.

Is the Apple Fitness+ Artist Spotlight Series on iPhone?

Apple uses its unrivaled access to virtually every recorded music track to provide an Artist Spotlight feature, where instructors across the various disciplines use a specific musical artist to accompany their workouts. And you can access the series without an Apple Watch!

From Beyonce to Bruce Springsteen, ABBA to Taylor Swift, this series of inspirational Apple Fitness+ workouts is designed to match your musical tastes to your fitness activities. It’s perfect for music lovers who don’t love typical “gym” music.

Added Benefits of Using an Apple Watch for Apple Fitness+

The very best way to use Apple Fitness+ is with an Apple Watch. When you start a Fitness+ workout, your Apple Watch will automatically record your metrics. These are displayed live on screen as you exercise so that you can see your heart rate, active calories, and total calories burned.

You can also view the Apple Fitness+ Burn Bar, giving you a live look at how your efforts on the workout compare to others who’ve done the same program. And, of course, you’ll see how far along you are to closing those activity rings for the day.

Explore the World of Apple Fitness+ on Your iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, you’d be well advised to check out Apple Fitness+. With so many workout options and the seamless way the service integrates with the Fitness app, it could quickly become your workout destination of choice. The only problem is that you may soon find yourself tempted to invest in an Apple Watch, as well, so that you can really make the most of those personalized metrics.


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