How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Windows 11


Windows 11 features an improved snapping tool to take screenshots with delays and in different modes. However, the built-in tool is pretty basic, as it won’t let you capture multi-page documents and full-fledged web pages.

You can use third-party extensions or built-in tools on your browser to capture full-page screenshots. For desktop apps, you can use screenshot tools like ShareX to capture scrolling screenshots on Windows 11. We explore the best built-in tools and third-party desktop apps to capture scrolling screenshots on Windows 11.

If you have a multipage document that you want to save as a screenshot, the Snipping Tool can’t do it. ShareX, on the other hand, is an excellent, open-source, and free screen capture utility available for the Windows operating system. It’s up there as one of the best screenshot tools for Windows.

ShareX offers excellent screenshot capture and editing features that not many free screenshot utilities offer. In addition, it also features a scrolling capture option to capture full-page screenshots of your documents, apps, and web pages.

Follow these steps to use ShareX to take full-page screenshots on Windows:

  1. Go to the ShareX page and click on Download. Next, select the Setup or Portable button to download the app in your preferred format.
  2. Next, right-click on the ShareX icon in the system tray.
  3. Select Capture and then click on Scrolling Capture.
    sharex scrolling capture

  4. Next, select the app window you want to capture.
  5. When the Scrolling capture dialog appears, you’ll be able to configure Before capture and After capture preferences. The default option should work with most apps, though.
    sharex scrolling capture capture output

  6. Click on Start scrolling capture and ShareX will auto-scroll the selected window and capture the screenshot.
  7. In the preview dialog, you can customize the image counter, remove any items, trim screenshot edges, and more. To save the screenshot, click on Upload/Save depending on after-capture settings.
  8. Type a name for the screenshot and click Save.
  9. You can access the saved screenshot in ShareX’s task list or ShareX folder in File Explorer located at:

You can also assign a hotkey to take scrolling screenshots with ShareX. To do this:

  1. Launch ShareX and click on the Hotkey Settings option in the left pane.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Next, go to Screen capture and select Scrolling capture.
    sharex hotkey settings scrolling capture hotkey

  4. Click the None field and press the shortcut combo on your keyboard that you want to assign for scrolling capture. For example, press Ctrl + Shift + S.
  5. Next time you want to capture a scrolling screenshot, press Ctrl + Shift + S to activate the mode.

That said, make sure the assigned shortcut is not in use by another app on your PC to avoid conflict.

These days, browsers can get their own screenshotting tools, either natively or through extensions. Browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox offer a built-in function to do this task. However, you’ll need to use the hidden screenshot capture tool or a screenshot extension on Chrome.

Note that websites often use a lazy loading technique to load media on the web page only when needed. So, ensure the web page is fully loaded before launching the screenshot tool.

Capture Full Page Screenshots in Microsoft Edge

To capture full page shots on Edge:

  1. Launch the browser and make sure the web page is fully loaded.
  2. Right-click to view the context menu and select Web Capture. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + S to open the screenshot tool.
    web capture microsoft edge

  3. Next, click on Capture full page. Edge will immediately capture the active web page.

  4. You can further annotate the captured screenshot with the drawing tool or undo the changes with the Erase option. Once done, click on Save to save the file to your local drive. If not, click the Copy button to copy the screenshot to your clipboard.

Take Full Page Screenshots in Firefox

On Firefox, you can use the Take Screenshot tool to capture full-page, custom, or visible page screenshots. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Launch Firefox and open the web page to screenshot.
  2. Next, right-click on the web page and select Take Screenshot.
    firefox take screenshot

  3. Select Save full page in the top right corner.
    firefox take screenshot save full page

  4. Preview the captured screenshot to view if it’s in order.
  5. Click on Download to save the screenshot. Alternatively, click Copy to save the screenshot to your clipboard.

Firefox Take Screenshot lacks options to annotate and edit the captured screenshots. So, you’ll have to rely on third-party web page annotation tools to note important points and highlight focus areas. Alternatively, you can import the screenshot to ShareX and make the edit.

Capture Full Page Screenshots in Google Chrome

Chrome is yet to implement a scrolling screenshot feature for its browser. Though you can use the hidden experimental tool to take screenshots in Chrome, it is not for everyone.

One way to overcome this limitation in Chrome is to use a third-party screenshot extension, FireShot. It is among the most popular and well-rated extensions in the Chrome web store, and for a good reason.

FireShot, as the name suggests, lets you capture full-page screenshots on Chrome. You can also use it on any Chromium browser. In addition, you can save the screenshots in PDF or PNG Format.

  1. Go to the FireShot page on the Chrome web store and install the extension.
  2. Open a web page to capture and click the Extension icon in the toolbar. Select FireShot and then click on Capture the entire page.
    google chrome extension fireshot

  3. In the preview window, you can choose to save the screenshot as a PNG or PDF file. Furthermore, use the share option to email or print your screenshot.

There are plenty of third-party screenshot extensions for Chrome. However, it still lacks the convenience and performance offered by Edge and Firefox’s built-in utilities.

Taking Full Page Screenshots on Windows 11

ShareX is an excellent utility for not only taking screenshots but edit them afterward. However, its scrolling capture feature is more suitable for capturing desktop apps. To capture long web pages, you can use the built-in tool on Edge and Firefox or opt for a third-party extension on Google Chrome.


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