How Would an iPhone With USB-C Benefit You?


Apple has been using the Lightning port in its iPhones since 2012. It was revolutionary when it was first introduced, well ahead of its time, and better than its competition. The problem is that said competition continued to evolve and improve, but the Lightning port didn’t.

Fast forward a decade, and it has the exact same transfer speed as it did at launch, which isn’t a good look. Fortunately, it seems Apple wants to root out the problem, as the latest rumors suggest that the next iPhone will come with a USB-C port.

Apple May Be Working on an iPhone With USB-C

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A few days ago, we spotted on Twitter a first “spy” photo of a USB-C port on an iPhone made of what looks like titanium. The source claims that this photo is of an iPhone 15 Pro. Of course, we have no way to verify the legitimacy of this leak, but it is quite credible, and the source has had other hits in the past.

To this, we can also add the renders posted by 9to5Mac in collaboration with Ian Zelbo, where they recreated an iPhone 15 Pro based on some CAD files they allegedly received from a case manufacturer.

According to 9to5Mac, there’s a difference in the dimensions of the charging port, which points to a shift towards a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

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Image Credit: Håkan Dahlström/Flickr

The European Union will force all manufacturers to use USB-C as the standard charging port for devices like smartphones, tablets, and cameras sold across Europe by 2024. And that means Apple must also comply with this ruling soon enough.

Therefore, Apple will have no option but to finally get rid of the Lightning port on the upcoming iPhone or go completely portless, which seems unlikely, considering MagSafe charging isn’t quite fast enough yet.

What Are the Benefits of a USB-C iPhone?

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An iPhone with a USB-C port would be very beneficial for most users. For starters, it would pave the way for a huge number of accessories that couldn’t be used directly with an iPhone until now. Currently, you need a dongle for just about everything—for example, connecting an iPhone to a projector or a monitor, connecting a microphone directly to it, and so on. This would end with a USB-C port.

Another major advantage would be the significant improvement in data transfer speed. Currently, the iPhone’s Lightning port is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, which maxes out at 480Mbit/s. However, a rumored Thunderbolt 4 could reach speeds of 40GB/s, which is a huge improvement. This would allow you to transfer photos, videos, backups, etc., from your iPhone to your computer 20 times faster.

Furthermore, a shift to USB-C could allow for faster charging. One of the reasons why the iPhone’s fast charging is limited compared to other brands is the Lightning port. But with a USB-C port, the iPhone could have better and more efficient fast charging.

The Era of the Lightning Port Is Almost Over

An iPhone with a USB-C port sounds like the next logical step for the product. It doesn’t make sense to keep improving cameras year after year if it takes the users hours to transfer the photos they take to their computers.

Apple should have fixed this problem sooner, but the company hasn’t yet. Anyway, it seems that the end of the Lightning port is coming, and a timely retreat is better than a defeat.


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