Huge discount on Samsung’s Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor


Today, Amazon has shaved $1,500 off of the Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor, knocking it down to $1,999. That is an all-time low for this gaming monitor, beating its previous all-time low by about $1,000. So if you’ve been wanting to grab the Odyssey Ark, now is a great time to do so.

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a pretty intense gaming monitor. It’s a 55-inch curved gaming monitor that can also change orientations. The curvature is about the same as the human eye, so it does work really well for those that are gamers.

On top of it being a 4K monitor, it also has a pretty fast refresh rate, coming in at 165Hz. Which is quite good for a monitor of this size. That’s really what makes this a gaming monitor though. So that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Rotate the screen to Cockpit Mode with HAS, tilt and pivot functionality for an optimal screen environment; This customizable positioning creates a new sense of immersion enhanced by ambient Eclipse Lighting. There’s 4 corner speakers and 2 central woofers produce a 60w 2.2.2 channel with the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming screen or soundbar; AI Sound Booster and Dolby Atmos Sound Dome technology surround you in a three-dimensional soundscape.

Get instant access to top streaming services, as well as your favorite console and PC games; Smooth visuals and responsive gameplay are powered by Samsung’s advanced game streaming technology, without downloads or storage limits. From gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes, the 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio enables enhanced color expression and depth; HDR10+ automatically adapts games in real-time to show you every detail that could lead to victory.

You can pick up the Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor from Amazon today by clicking here. But you’d better hurry as this sale is not going to last very long.

Samsung Odyssey Ark – Amazon


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