Instagram introduces ‘Broadcast Channels’ to post one-way content


Instagram is always unveiling new features to keep its users engaged. The photo-sharing app just introduced a new feature that will let people post one-way content for their fans. Instagram calls this feature Broadcast Channels.

The thinking behind this feature isn’t particularly new. Telegram has a feature similar to this called “Channels”. It’s an interesting way of keeping your fans engaged in what you’re posting. It’s also an easier way of providing text-based information for fans.

Instagram introduces Broadcast Channels

There aren’t too many ways of sending text-based announcements to your followers. The company was working on bringing short text-based statuses to profiles, but it’s not widely available yet. Other than that, you’d need to add the text to your posts via the caption or through stories. However, those methods aren’t really direct.

However, Instagram just introduced its new Broadcast Channels. These are essentially one-way chat rooms. The creator can set up the channel and invite people to join. Once the creator sets up the channel, their followers will be notified.

In the group, the creator will be able to send messages to the group, but the followers won’t be able to post their own messages; they can only react.

The creators can send any type of message into the channel that they could in a regular message group/Story. You’re able to send text, pictures, videos, polls, audio messages, etc.

This feature did launch to the stable version of Instagram, but it’s still not available to everyone. Instagram has a short list of top Instagram influencers who can use the feature before everyone else.

This list includes Austin Sprinz, David Allen, Tank Sinatra, Valkyrae, and more. You can check out the full list of accounts on the announcement post. There’s no telling when the company will roll this out to all other users. In any case, we don’t expect it to be too long.


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