iPhone 15 finally catching up to Android with 8GB of RAM


It’s February, which means more iPhone 15 rumors and leaks. Even though the iPhone 15 isn’t launching until September, that’s never stopped the rumor mill before. And this time around, we’re hearing through a new report that the Pro models of the iPhone 15 will get 8GB of RAM. Something that Android flagships have had for… years.

The regular iPhone 15 models would stay at 6GB of RAM, according to this report. But that’s not all the news about RAM here. As the report does also note that they could get upgraded to LPDDR5 RAM. Which is currently available on the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Along with the new A17 Bionic chipset, this could really boost performance on the iPhone 15 models later this year.

Why does the iPhone have so little RAM?

Have you ever heard the saying, unused RAM is wasted RAM? Yeah? Well it’s completely true. If you have 16GB of RAM, but you’re only using 8GB of RAM, then its wasted RAM. And that’s part of why the iPhone has had so little RAM for so many years. Heck, it just upgraded from 4GB a couple years ago.

The other reason is that iOS is so well optimized that, you really don’t need 8GB of RAM. Remember that with Android, Google really is only in control of AOSP. Whatever these OEMs put on top of it, is going to be extra. Use extra resources, and that also means extra RAM. So it’s nowhere near as optimized as iOS is. Which means that iOS can get away with less RAM (and smaller batteries), versus an Android phone.

It’s good news for those that are looking to pick up the iPhone 15 later this year. As more RAM is going to lead to better multi-tasking and an all-around great time using your new phone. So that’s always good.


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