iPhone Not Cropping Screenshots? Here’s the Fix


Are your cropped screenshots not appearing correctly in the Photos app? Here, we’ll explain why it happens and how you can avoid it.

Screenshotting an image on your iPhone makes it easy to save things from the internet or social media to your photos. However, since the release of iOS 16, users have reported issues with cropping screenshots.

For example, if you screenshot a photo and crop it, it might not save correctly, and you’ll have to crop it again. If this has happened to you, we’ll outline why and what you can do to avoid cropping screenshots twice.

Why Is Your iPhone Not Cropping Screenshots?

iphone image cropping

When you screenshot an image on your iPhone, you get the chance to edit it before saving it to your Photos app. Using the Markup feature, you can annotate the image, add text, or crop the image.

However, users have reported that the screenshots don’t appear cropped in the Photos app even after cropping and saving them from the preview.

This is because changes to iOS 16 make the Photos app run on a delay but will let you save it before the screenshot finishes cropping. So, if you’re the type who wants to speed things up, you can batch edit photos on your iPhone.

How to Property Crop Screenshots in iOS 16

To properly crop screenshots in iOS 16 and later, you’ll need to wait for the image to appear cropped before saving it. This usually takes about three to five seconds.

While that seems like a simple solution, seasoned iPhone users will remember when that delay wasn’t present. Or, you might believe that once the lines are over, the part you want to crop it’ll be ready. Either way, you must now wait for the image to finish cropping before saving it.

While your iPhone will allow you to save it before the cropping is complete, know that it just saves the original screenshot and not the cropped version of it.

Will Apple Fix This Issue?

While many iOS users dislike this change, it’s hard to know if Apple will fix it. For example, many people will probably wait an extra few seconds for their screenshots. However, if you’re screenshotting a lot of images, that time adds up.

It’s also frustrating for Apple users who remember the days when there was no delay. So it is possible that Apple will fix it in a later update or streamline the process to be more efficient.


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