Is Apple Working on a 15-Inch MacBook Air? Here’s What We Know


Apple has been on a steady row of offering both consumers and professionals more options with its new lineup of Macs. Since the release of the 13-inch MacBook Air fitted with an M2 chip in 2022, rumors have been circulating that a 15-inch MacBook Air from Apple may be in the works.

Industry experts like Mark Gurman, who have been pretty spot on with their speculations in the past, have also contributed some details about the alleged 15-inch MacBook Air. With all the information going around, you may have some questions. Well, here’s what we know so far.

What Do We Know About the 15-Inch MacBook Air?

Apple recently released the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, which presently has the largest screen size in the MacBook Air lineup. However, industry experts predict that Apple might introduce a MacBook Air with an even larger display at 15 inches.

The CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Ross Young, tweeted about the 15-inch model in March 2022. Then in June 2022, a Bloomberg report by leading tech journalist Mark Gurman further solidified the rumors of Apple working on a 15-inch MacBook Air. In his Power On newsletter, Gurman described the 15-inch MacBook Air as a saving grace for Apple’s entry-level MacBook lineup.

If the rumors are true, the 15-inch MacBook Air will be the only model with a 15-inch display since Apple phased out the 15-inch MacBook Pro after the 16-inch version dropped in 2019.

15-Inch MacBook Air Design and Specifications

M2 MacBook Air internals
Image Credit: Apple

So, now that we know the possibility of a 15-inch MacBook Air isn’t far-fetched, what would it look like? According to Ross Young, who accurately predicted the M2 MacBook Air would be 13.6 inches, the new MacBook Air may be designed with a 15.5-inch panel.

Mark Gurman predicts the 15-inch MacBook Air’s design would be similar to the 13.6-inch version— the same look, only with a slightly bigger display. The new MacBook Air design should remain lightweight with a slim chassis and thin bezels. So, we expect the scaled-up display to maintain the brightness and P3 color gamut, along with a 1080p webcam and a notch.

While the alleged 15-inch MacBook Air seems like it’d be a scaled-up version of the 13-inch MacBook Air, Apple would likely increase the battery capacity on the new device. This strategy is evident when you compare the difference in battery capacity between the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, where the latter lasts 3 hours longer.

We can also expect upgraded speakers. And in terms of ports, we may get only four: a MagSafe charging port, a headphone jack, and two thunderbolt ports. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculates that the 15-inch MacBook Air model will include a 35W adapter for fast charging.

It is also likely that the 15-inch MacBook Air will run on a standard M2 chip. Like the 2022 MacBook Air, memory options will likely be 8GB, 16GB, and 24GB, while its storage options will likely be 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. However, Apple might establish a difference between the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models by offering only a 10-core GPU variant of the M2 chip on the latter.

15-Inch MacBook Air Price and Release Date

M2 MacBook Air
Image Credit: Apple

Ross Young and Mark Gurman mention the possibility of a spring 2023 launch. Ming-Chi Kuo, however, believes the launch will be in the second quarter of 2023. A later release date seems more feasible when considering the production issues Apple has been facing lately.

We can only guess at the price of the 15-inch MacBook Air since it doesn’t yet exist. Considering the 13-inch MacBook Air starts at $1,199, you can expect Apple to price it a bit higher, somewhere around $1,399-$1,499.

While we anticipate the release of the rumored 15-inch MacBook Air, you can learn about the cool new features of the 2022 MacBook Air. And don’t forget to check out our review of the M2 MacBook Air.

Should Apple Release a 15-Inch MacBook Air?

A 15-inch MacBook Air would be a welcome addition from Apple. With the success of the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, the rumored upcoming MacBook with its speculated specs could be another massive hit for Apple.

Many of us would love an increase in the MacBook Air’s display size, allowing us to own a MacBook with a larger screen without paying for a pricier Pro model. Hopefully, the 15-inch MacBook Air from Apple gives us just that.


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