Is the Voilà AI Artist App Safe to Use?


Over the past few years, “AI” has become incredibly popular, with services like ChatGPT and DALL·E bringing this technology to the forefront of discussion. AI apps are now the hot new thing, including Voilà, an AI artist software.

You’re probably tempted to try it out. So is the Voilà AI artist app safe to use?

What Is Voilà?

Voilà is an AI artist app that you can use to transform your photos. Sometimes, we want to add a little something extra to our pictures that goes beyond a simple filter. If you want to totally edit the style of your photos, Voilà can come in handy.

Voilà lets you convert your standard photos to 2D and animations, as well as sketches, and various painting styles. In a matter of seconds, you can get yourself an adorable animated picture of a pet, a wholesome sketch of the family, or a similarly satisfying result. So, how is this done?

As is the case with all photo editing apps, you’ll need to grant Voilà access to your gallery in order to upload pictures. We’ll discuss the safety of this a little later.

As the screenshots above show, the process of using Voilà is very straightforward. Simply upload your desired photo, wait for the app to process the conversion, and then choose from an array of different styles. You can apply some of the styles instantly, while others require that you either watch an ad or sign up for Voilà’s premium app version.

How Much Does Voilà Cost?

When it comes to ads, Voilà certainly has no shortage. Constant popup ads are something you’ll have to deal with if you want to use Voilà for free.

If you want to upgrade to the premium version, there are three payment plans you can choose from: $2.99 weekly; $5.99 monthly; or $29.99 yearly. Of course, you’ll be getting a discount if you sign up for the yearly plan, but this is a flat fee you’ll have to pay all in one go, so make sure you have a use for Voilà in the long run before making this purchase.

Is Voilà Safe to Use?

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When using any kind of photo editing app, you’re somewhat putting your trust in the provider when granting access to your photo gallery. You should do a little research about an app before granting any permissions to make sure your data isn’t being mishandled.

But security concerns go beyond simple permissions risks with Voilà.

When you upload a photo to the Voilà app, you’re handing over some of your data. While photos of pets or friends may seem harmless, they can be exploited in certain scenarios if the platform is malicious or not well-secured. Is this the case for Voilà?

On its official website, Voilà claims not to collect any kind of biometric data associated with your face or the faces of the people in the photos you upload. The company also claims that it does not store your photos for further use. In fact, Voilà allegedly deletes these photos within 24 to 48 hours after they are uploaded by the user. But there is still residual information that can be harvested here.

This is where metadata comes in. Metadata is essentially details that provide information on other data, giving structured references and explaining the data in question. In the case of Voilà, metadata could comprise some concerning things, such as geographical location. For example, the app may be able to discern where you took a photo that you uploaded.

Alongside this security gray area comes some certainties. Voilà has its own privacy policy that users can access to see how their data is processed or stored.

In Voila’s privacy policy, it is stated that the company “do[es] not collect your photo albums even if you grant us your access to them,” and that the app “only uploads to the cloud the photos that you specifically select for editing.” However, Voilà claims that it does not store any of your uploaded photos in the cloud.

What Data Does Voilà Collect About You?

Another factor to note here is that Voilà claims to collect certain “usage data”, such as your IP address, when the app is active on your phone. Your IP address can uncover your geographical location, which poses a major security risk for users. On top of this, Voilà claims that it may collect your browser type, browser version, your hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information.

Within this privacy policy, Voilà also states that certain information, particularly data that “is identifiable to an individual”, is collected. Voilà explains that this collected personal information includes “emails, reports, evaluations, case histories, notes, photographs, videos, and directory information.”

On top of this data collection, Voilà uses various types of cookies, including session cookies, preference cookies, security cookies, and advertising cookies.

It’s evident here that Voilà collects a hefty amount of data from its users, though that isn’t to say that this data is being misused. But the types of data an app will collect from you are important to note, as certain apps out there do cross the line in terms of privacy and security.

When it comes to the use of collected data, Voilà states in its privacy policy that data is collected for various purposes, including service maintenance, customer support, service improvements, and to technical issue detection. At the bottom of this list, Voilà ensures users that the collected data is only used in ways that the individual has consented to.

Should You Use Voilà?

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The Voilà app itself doesn’t harbor any harmful or inappropriate content, meaning it is safe to use for all ages on the front end. But the way in which your data is collected and stored is the key point of concern with the Voilà app.

If privacy and security are absolutely paramount to you, you might want to steer clear of the Voilà app for now. Rumors about its use of data are still circling, which are calling Voilà’s overall security integrity into question. But there is currently no hard evidence showing that Voilà has misused data, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

Voilà Is a Fun and Creative App but May Pose Risks

While Voilà can be used to produce some beautiful images, concerns around its data collection and storage have given the app an air of suspicion. But with no evidence to rule the app as dangerous, many continue to use the Voilà AI artist app to upload and convert their photos.


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